Guidelines for Release of State Government Advertisements


No. 329(61)-CS/2012, Dated: 29.06.2012.

The Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary/ Special Secretary-in-Charge,

Subject: Release of State Government Advertisements.


In pursuance of this office memo no. 296(61)-CS/2012 dated April 18, 2012, some queries have been raised by several departments regarding policy guidelines for release of State Government Advertisements.

1. The matter has since been examined. It is now decided that all Government departments will prepare the advertisement and send it to the Information & Cultural Affairs (I&CA) Department, Government of West Bengal for release of advertisement. The bills in this context will be paid by the concerned department. While releasing advertisement, the I&CA Department will advise the concerned newspaper authority to send the bill to the concerned department for payment and the department will be informed accordingly.

2. Undertakings/ Autonomous Bodies of the Department will release advertisement directly and pay the bills. However, they will keep contact with the I&CA Department regarding rates of advertisement, empanelled agencies, etc.

This will take immediate effect.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- Samar Ghosh
Chief Secretary to the
Govt. of West Bengal

No. 329-CS dated 29.06.2012

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