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West Bengal Government Rules regarding publishing of advertisement by State Government Office and the rates of the Advertisement is fixed time to time.

Rates of Advertisement in Newspaper and TV Channel, 2021

Information and Cultural Affairs.

All Government advertisements for display advertisements in print media and electronic media (television) will continue to be released by the I&CA Department, but such releases henceforth will be made through empanelled Release Agencies in the respective newspapers and TV channels.

Publication of Referral Advertisement for e-Tenders of Irrigation and Waterways

Irrigation & Waterways.

All the Brief referral advertisements for e-tenders of different offices under the control of Irrigation & Waterways Dept. shall be published in the newspapers centrally through the office of the Executive Engineer, DVC Study Cell.

Brief Referral Advertisement and Centralized Payments of Unpaid Bills

Information and Cultural Affairs.

I & CA Department is accepting requisition of different authorities of State Government offices and taking regular action to release those advertisements for necessary publication.

Revised Provisions for Publication of Brief referral Advertisements


Revised Provisions for publication of brief referral advertisements in daily newspapers for invitation of tender/quotation: Estimate of NIT/NIQ Rs. 1,00,001/- to Rs. 5,00,000/- – At least one Bengali Newspaper.

Centralized Payment of Unpaid Bills by the Administrative Department


The subordinate office will provide the following two certificates on the body of the bill to prevent false payment and to avoid duplicate payment.

Issuance of Brief Referral Advertisements for e-Tender


To ensure better compliance of the guidelines, publication of brief referral advertisements in respect of all e-tenders to be floated by the State Government offices shall be done centrally by the concerned Administrative Departments.

Rates of Advertisement in Different Newspapers, 2018-19

Information and Cultural Affairs.

Government has revised the rates for release of advertisements in various print media, as detailed in the Annexure. The revised rates shall remain effective upto 31.03.2019.

Releasing Advertisement through I&CA Department

Information and Cultural Affairs.

All approved advertisements, in ready to release format (for both print & electronic media) be mailed to ica.advt@gmail.com at least 3 days prior to the date of release.

Policy for Release of Advertisement by Govt Department

Information and Cultural Affairs.

Policy for releasing of all Advertisements in Print & Electronic Media from all Government departments (including Corporations, Public Sector Undertakings) by I&CA Department.

Advertisement and Publicity Expenses by I&CA – Financial Power


Enhancement of financial power to incur expenditure on account of Advertisement and Publicity of Information and Cultural Department, West Bengal.