Advertisement and Publicity Expenses by I&CA – Financial Power

Update: Enhancement of Financial Power i.r.o. Advertisement by I&CA

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 3066-F(Y) Dated, 11th June, 2014


In exercise of the power conferred under clause (3) of Article 166 of Constitution of India, the Governor is pleased to make the following amendment in the Delegation of Financial power Rules, 1977, as amended, hereinafter referred to as ‘the said rules’.

The following items are inserted in Schedule-B under rule 18 of the said rules.

Information and Cultural Affairs Department

Sl no.Items of expenditureObject head of budgetDelegation to Addl Chief secretary/ Principal Secretary/ SecretaryRemarks
1Advertisement and publicity expenses i. print media ii. Audio-visual media (Electronic media) iii. hoarding iv. fair, festivals, exhibition, state-level ceremonies26Upto Rs. 10 lakh on each occasion subject to the maximum of Rs. 10 crore per annum(a) Approval of the administrative deptt. will be taken in respect of hording sponsored by them,

(b) Tender rules will be followed,

c) Expenditure will be incurred subject to the allotment of fund and within budget provision. The Secretary will not delegate this power to any officer subordinate to him.
2Hospitality and entertainment expenses20Rs. 1 lakh on each occasion subject to maximum of Rs. 5 crore per annum
3Housekeeping78Full power(i) Housekeeping includes providing security, sweeping, cleaning and scavenging service etc., within the office

(ii) The service provider for housekeeping service should be selected through open, fair and transparent tender process as envisaged in Rule 47(8) and notes thereunder of WBFR, since amended vide FD notification no. 5400-F(Y) dt. 25.6.2012;

(iii) This power will be exercised by the departmental secretary for the Government buildings which are owned and maintained by I&CA Dptt, not by PWD;

(iv) The standard contract documents may be collected from PWD for the purpose of the tender;

(v) PWD will assist the department, if necessary, for the housekeeping tender.

This order is issued in supersession of all delegations earlier made to the I&CA Department.

By order of the Governor,

Sd/-H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 3066-F dated 11.06.2014, Source

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