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Higher Secondary Education ยป

Holiday List of WBCHSE, 2019

The President of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education is pleased to declare that the Council will observe the following holidays during the year, 2019.

9/2, Block – DJ Sector II, Salt lake, Kolkata – 700091

No. Est./426/2018 Date: 27.11.2018


The President, Council is pleased to declare that the Council will observe the following holidays during the year, 2019.

English New Year’s Day (2019 A.D.) 1st January, Tuesday
* Birth Day of Swami Vivekananda 12th January, Saturday
Birthday of Netaji 23rd January, Wednesday
* Republic Day 26th January, Saturday
* Saraswati Puja (Sree Panchami) 10th February, Sunday
Additional Day (In connection with “Saraswati Puja”) 11th February, Monday
Shivaratri 4th March, Monday
Dol Jatra 21st March, Thursday
Holi (Day after Dol Jatra) 22nd March, Friday
Councils’ Foundation Day 3rd April, Wednesday
* Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar & Baisakhi (for Sikhs only) 14th April, Sunday
Bengali New Years Day 15th April, Monday
Mahabir Jayanti (for Jains only) 17th April, Wednesday
Good Friday 19th April, Friday
* Easter Saturday (for Christian only) 20th April, Saturday
Sabe-Barat (For Muslims only) 21st April, Sunday
May Day 1st May, Wednesday
Birth Day of Rabindranath Tagore 9th May, Thursday
* Buddha Purnima 18th May, Saturday
Id-UI-Fitar 5th June, Wednesday
* Hul Diwas (Adibasi Santal) 30th June, Sunday
* Birth Day of Poet Bhanu Bhakat (For Darjeeling District only) 13th July, Saturday
Id-Ud-Joha (Bakrid) 12th August, Monday
Independence Day 15th August, Thursday
Janrnastami 23rd August, Friday
Maharam 10th September, Tuesday
* Mahalaya 28th September, Saturday
Gandhi Birthday 2nd October, Wednesday
Durgapuja to Laxmipuja 3rd October, Thursday to 15th October Tuesday
Kalipuja 27th October, Sunday
Additional day in connection with Kalipuja 28th October, Monday
Bhatridwitia 29th October, Tuesday
Additional Day in connection with Bhatridwitya 30th October, Wednesday
* Chhat Puja 02nd November, Saturday
* Fateh-Duaz-Duham 10th November, Sunday
Birth day of Gurunanak 12th November, Tuesday
Christmas Day 25th December, Wednesday

1. No substitute holiday should be allowed if any of the festival holidays initially notified subsequently happen to fall on a weekly off or any other non-working day or in the event of more than one festival falling on the same day.

2. If there is any change in the date of Id-Ul-Fitar, Id-Ud-Joha, Muharrum, Fateh-Duaz-Daham, Sab-E-Barat depending upon the sighting of the Moon, holiday will be declared by a separate order for the date on which the festival would be actually observed in lieu of the date originally notified as holiday for these festivals.

In such a situation, announcement of the state Govt. through T.V./A.I.R./News paper will be followed.

3. Karam Puja: To be notified later on.

4. The Office of the Council will remain closed on all SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS of each month.

5. * Marked festivals/ Occasion fall on ‘SATURDAY’ or ‘SUNDAY’.

Sd/- President

No. Est./426 dated 27.11.2018, Source