Immediate Repair of Damages/ Distress of Roads

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
Planning Branch
‘NABANNA’ (8th floor), 325, Sarat Chatterjee Road, Howrah-711 102

No. 1M-7/19/268-R/PL Dated: 18/02/2019


Sub: Immediate repair of damages/ distress of roads maintained by Public Works Department of Government of West Bengal.

It is observed that in spite of issuance of circular in respect of immediate repair of potholes/ ditches formed over roads maintained by Public Works Department of Government of West Bengal vide no. 1M-24/15/86-R/PL dated 15/01/2019 there are ample numbers of road where damages and other distresses still exist. Preparation of project estimates/ submission of project estimates/ tender under process of project estimates/ issuance of tender acceptance letter pending with the department etc. should not be an excuse for any field level officer to evade their duties and responsibilities. Project preparation and issuance of work order will proceed as usual. However no roads should be left in condition where potholes and other damages exist. There is a fund under Administrative Expenditure head of account to keep the assets damage free and maintain the assets.

Therefore it is directed that all field level Engineer Officers of State Public Works Department should be alert so that there should not be any damage in the roads maintained by State Public Works Department. If it is found that roads are damaged and no action has been taken for repair, necessary disciplinary action may be taken against the errant officers.

All Superintending Engineers under Public Works Department are requested to monitor the matter and submit report on fortnightly basis to the respective Zonal Chief Engineer in respect of condition of roads under their jurisdiction. Zonal Chief Engineers will send the consolidated report to the department through respective Head Quarter Chief Engineers in every month.

Circular No. 1M-24/15/86-R/PL dated 15/01/2019 should also be strictly followed.

This circular will take immediate effect.

Sd/- Arnab Roy
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department

No. 1M-7/19 dated 18.02.2019

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