Immediate Repair of Potholes/ Ditches formed over Roads

Public Works,

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
Planning Branch
‘NABANNA’ (8th floor), 325, Sarat Chatterjee Road, Howrah-711 102

No. 1M-24/15/86-R/PL Dated: 15/01/2019


Sub: Immediate repair of potholes/ ditches formed over roads maintained by Public Works Department of Government of West Bengal.

It has been reported by the State Police Authority that some road accidents with fatalities have occurred due to existence of potholes/ ditches over the road. This is not desirable.

Therefore it is directed that all Engineer Officers of State Public Works Department should be alert so that there should not be any potholes/ ditches over the roads maintained by State Public Works Department. If any potholes/ ditches occur, the Executive Engineer concerned should take immediate steps to repair the potholes/ ditches immediately. Normally the maximum time from formation of potholes/ ditches to its repair should not take more than seven (7) days. In the interim the damaged portion should be suitably marked and warning signs for motorists may be placed before the damaged portion. Repairing should be treated as an emergent work.

Any suitable procedure may be adopted by the field level officers for repairing such damages of the road. This repair work should be taken up from Departmental Administrative Expenditure Head of Account. Construction Division should keep certain percentage of their normal Administrative Expenditure Allocation for this purpose at the beginning of every year.

Every Junior Engineer will inspect the road fortnightly throughout the year. During monsoon period the inspection should be carried out weekly. Report on formation of potholes/ ditches if any should be given by the Junior Engineer to his superior officers immediately after inspection. The Junior Engineer should maintain one register for this purpose. This register may be periodically checked by higher officials.

Concerned Superintending Engineers and Executive Engineers should take immediate action against the agencies whose works are under Defect Liability Period (DLP), but potholes/ ditches have formed. If the agency does not take up the work, the same should be carried out by engaging other agency. The expense should be met from security deposit or other amount kept with the Department.

This circular will take immediate effect.

Sd/- Arnab Roy
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department

No. 1M-24/15/86-R/PL dated 15.01.2019