Introduction of Workflow for GPF Advance in HRMS

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch
NABANNA, Howrah -711102

No.: 3649-F(Y) Dated: 26/11/2021

Sub: Introduction of Workflow for GPF Advance, Online Conversion of Refundable GPF Advance, Pre closure of Refundable GPF Advance and Submission of Utilization Certificate for GPF Advance in HRMS

Online processing of GPF Advance in HRMS has been introduced vide order no. 3130-F(Y) dated 19.5.2017. After considering some recent feedbacks from different users, certain additional facilities related to the Online sanction of GPF Advance in HRMS have been introduced: –

A. Workflow for GPF Advance

The facility of Workflow Chain Creation & Management as introduced for ROPA 2019 vide Memo No. 6716-F(Y) dated 10/12/2019 has been extended to deal with matters related to GPF Advance. Please follow Annexure 1 for details.

B. Online Conversion of Refundable GPF Advance to Non Refundable GPF Advance

The employees who have completed 15 years of service and/or shall retire on superannuation within 10 years can apply from their ESE login in HRMS for the conversion of any existing Refundable GPF Advance to Non Refundable GPF Advance. Such application can be processed online by the Head of Office (HOO) for generation of online sanction order for conversion of Refundable GPF Advance into a Non-Refundable GPF Advance.

C. Pre closure of GPF Advance

Facility for pre-closure of Refundable GPF Advance has been introduced in HRMS so that recovery of the instalments for repayment of a Refundable GPF Advance can be stopped and the outstanding balance of that Refundable GPF Advance can be settled by a lump sum payment of the same by the employee through TR 7.

D. Furnishing Utilization Certificate

If an employee could not submit the Utilization Certificate within the stipulated time, he/she can do so when applying for the next GPF Advance through his/her ESE log in using the newly developed functionality in HRMS.

This Order shall take immediate effect.

Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

Annexure 1
for GPF Advance Workflow

1) The workflow is applicable in respect of the GPF Advance only.

2) The Nodal Officer/ HOO Approver associated with the HOO Code of the Office, to which an employee is tagged, will create the workflow to deal with the GPF Advance cases specifying therein the Operator, the Recommender and the Approver of the requests after final verification.

3) In case of those Cadres whose GPF Advance is sanctioned by its Cadre Controlling Authority centrally, the Cadre Controlling Authority shall indicate, during creation of the workflow, that GPF Advance for that particular cadre is sanctioned in centralised manner. Also the AA/ DAA/ Nodal Officer, as the case may be, shall specify in the system, the particular DOO who will sanction the GPF Advance. This will act as an exception to the system that GPF Advance is to be approved by the Controlling FIOO.

4) For the employees who are posted in deputation, their Cadre Controlling Authority will act as Approver of GPF Advances. Therefore the Nodal Officer/ AA/ DAA associated with Cadre Controlling Authority has to create a workflow to deal with the GPF Advance requests originating from such deputed employees.

5) Once the workflow is created and approved, whenever any employee covered by that particular workflow submits a request for application of GPF Advance, the same will automatically reach the Operator or Approver (only in case of single level chain) for processing.

6) An extra facility, that was not present in ROPA 2019 Workflow, has been provided whereby the request(s) pending with the Operator, the Recommender or the Approver will automatically be assigned to the new employee who will replace the earlier Operator/ Recommender/ Approver, as the case may be. This facility of automatic re-assignment of pending request(s) from the log in of old User to that of the new User will be available for all types of workflow so far introduced or be introduced in future.

[Note: Memo No. 6716-F(Y) dated 10/12/2019 for Workflow Chain Creation & Management for ROPA 2019 may be consulted for detailed step by step guidance.]

No. 3649-F dated 26.11.2021, Source

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