Issuance of Brief Referral Advertisements for e-Tender

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 1234-F(Y) Date: 12th March, 2020


Sub: Issuance of Brief referral advertisements for e-tender

As per Note 2 of Rule 47(8) of WBFR, publication of Tender Notice by issuance of brief referral advertisement in one or two or three leading dailies of English, Hindi and Bengali (Nepali in case of hill areas of Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts) languages as per the estimated values of tender is mandatory.

However, it has been observed that in some cases publications are not properly done as per the said guidelines. Now, in order to ensure better compliance of the guidelines, publication of brief referral advertisements in respect of all e-tenders to be floated by the State Government offices shall be done centrally by the concerned Administrative Departments. The following process is to be followed by the TIA and the Administrative Departments:

  1. The TIA should send the draft “brief referral advertisement” to the concerned Administrative Department mentioning the date of publication at least 3 days ahead through e-mail/ fax or other electronic modes of communication.
  2. Each Administrative Department will create a dedicated eMail ID for receiving mails regarding brief referral advertisement of the subordinate offices.
  3. The Administrative Departments will take suitable steps for timely publication of the “brief referral advertisement” as per existing procedures of the Government.
  4. In case of delayed publication of the “brief referral advertisement”, the minimum notice period as per Note 3 of Rule 47(8) will be counted from such delayed date and if necessary, the tender may be extended to accommodate the delay.
  5. Payment for advertisement bill shall also be made centrally by the concerned Administrative Department.
  6. The sub-allotting authority of each project will release proportionate fund in favour of drawing and disbursing officer of the department for payment of advertisement bill.
  7. All other functions of tender invitation like uploading of tender document, publication of tender in the Departmental website, evaluation, selection, etc. are to be done as per existing procedures.

This order will take effect from 01.04.2020.

Additional Chief Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 1234-F dated 12.03.2020, Source

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