Leave will not be Granted on Industrial Strike

There is an Industrial Strike on 28th February, 2012, called by trade unions. CITU told that this strike would be converted to a national general strike.

Now, a Govt. Order released by the Chief Secretary, Sri Samar Ghosh, stating that, no leave will be granted for absence on that day i.e. 28th February.

The employees who shall remain absent on 28th February will not be granted any kind of leave. Disciplinary action may be initiated against such absence. Leave without Pay and a service break may be the penal measure from the higher authority. However, if an employee made himself/ herself absent due to some genuine reasons then the reasons of absence will be treated according to the merit of the case and, accordingly, the government will take its decision.

Update: Absentee Statement on 28.02.2012 is to be submitted

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