Minimum Service Required for Admissibility of Family Pension

Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 5625-F Dated: Calcutta, the 27th July, 1981


Subject: Family pension scheme for State Government Employees- Removal of three year’s service condition in case of death in harness.

The undersigned is directed to refer to clause (b) of sub-rule (1) of rule 101 the West Bengal Services (Death-cum-Retirement Benefit) Rules, 1971 which provides that the benefit of family pensions shall apply to a Government servant, who dies after completion of at least three years’ service. In pursuance of the recommendation of Pay Commission, West Bengal, the matter has been examined and the Governor is pleased to decide that the condition of rendering three years’ service for admissibility of the benefit of family pension in case of death while in service be reduced to one year service. The relevant provision of WBS (DCRB) Rules, 1971 may be deemed to have modified accordingly. Formal amendment to the relevant will be issued in due course.

These orders shall be deemed to have taken effect from 1st April, 1981.

Sd/- N.R. Bhattacharya
Deputy Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 5625-F dated 27.07.1981, Source

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