West Bengal Service (Death-cum-Retirement Benefit) Rules, 1971

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. 5827-F Date: 01.12.1971

The West Bengal Service (Death-Cum-Retirement Benefit) Rules, 1971 with upto date amendments. Download link is at the bottom.

Rule No.Subject
1Short title & commencement
4Relaxation of these rules
5Power to give directions
6Pension regulated by rules in force
8Withholding of pension in cases of conviction and misconduct
9Recovery of sum due to Govt. from pension or gratuity
10Right of the Governor to withhold pension in certain cases
11When claim to pension is not admitted
12Misconduct or inefficiency
13Pension in case of compulsory retirement as a penalty
14Criminal proceedings
15Family pension
17Qualifying service
18Conditions for pension
19Service paid from contract allowances
20Service paid out of the contract allowances & tour allowance of Governor
21Service under non-Govt. employer
22Temporary or officiating service under Govt.
23Service of a probationer
24Permanent officer deputed
25Abolition of substantive office
26Piece work
27Concession of adding to qualifying service
28Period of leave
28APeriod of extra ordinary leave
29Departmental leave
30Period spent in training
31Deputation out of India
32Period of suspension
33Resignation and dismissal
34Subsequent reinstatement
36Power of Govt. to condone deficiency in service
37Classification of pensions
38Compensation pension – Option in case of abolition of permanent post
39Selection for discharge
40Discharge of an officer
41Officers not entitled to compensation pension
42Loss of appointment after completion of a specified term of service
43Loss of any special pay or local allowance
44Discharge of an officer
45Abolition of one of two appointments
46Notice of discharge
47Acceptance of new appointment
48Invalid pension – when awarded
49Medical Certificate
50Statement of the medical case
51Inefficiency due to old age or natural decay
52Form of medical certificate
53Examination by medical authority
54Officer discharged on other ground
55Incapacity due to irregular or intemperate habits
56Officer submitting medical certificate under Rule 49 to be discharged
57Superannuation pension when granted
58Retiring pension when granted
59Retiring pension in the case of members of certain services
60Officers appointed or re-appointed on or after the first day of April 1941
61Accountant-General to be consulted
62Amount of Pension
63Fractions to be rounded off
64Pension fixed in rupees
65Award of full pension
66Gratuity instead of pension
67Amount of pension
68Grant of additional pension
69Permanent invaliding
70Re-employment of pensioners
71Declaration by re-appointed officer
72Attention of re-appointed officer to be drawn
73Notwithstanding anything in the rules
74Civil pensioners – Re-employment after compensation gratuity
75After compensation pension
76Section writer
77Time for exercising option
78After invalid pension
79After superannuation or retiring pension
80In case of commutation of pension
81Original amount of pension
82Military pension – Rules 74 to 81 not to be applied
83Military pension
84Pension of the heir to an Indian Military Officer
85Pension for New Service – No separate pension for re-employment
86Pension & gratuity for subsequent service
87When gratuity for earlier service not refunded
88Calculation of capital or present value of pension
89Acceptance of commercial employment
90Acceptance of employment under a Govt. outside India
91Pension for the members of the W.B. Higher Judicial Service
92Administrator – General and Official Trustees
92ASpl. rules for the Police
93Temporary increase in pension
94Increase not available for certain pensioners
95Pensioners in receipt of two pensions
96When pension is divisible between two Govts.
97Death Gratuity & Family pension, Death Gratuity – Application of the rules
98The rate of Death-Gratuity
99In case of death the balance shall be paid to the nominee
101Family pension – Application of these rules
102Provisions of rule 103
103Rate of family pension
104Period during which pension is admissible
105Pension payable to one member of the family
106Govt. servant eligible to the benefit of family pension
107If Govt. servant come out of family pension
108When the member of the family of a Govt. servant not entitled to family pension
109Procedure regarding claiming of family pension
110Extraordinary pension – Application of rules
111Definition for the purpose of extraordinary pension
112Power of sanction
113Protection of other pension or gratuity
114Restriction of it
115Payable in rupees
116Class of injury
117Clarification of rule 116
118Award to widow and children
119Award to parents
120Any award under rule 110
121Date of effect
122Procedure for award
123Application of these rules
124List of Govt. servants due to retire
125Formal application
126Procedure laid down in rules 132 to 139
127Authority competent to sanction pension and gratuity
128Pension once sanctioned shall not be revised
129Gazetted Govt. servants
130Intimation to Gazetted Officer
131Disbursement of pension before it can be finally assessed
132Non-gazetted Govt. servants
133Preparation of statement
134Completion of Form
135Manner in which Hd. of office shall proceed
136Occurrence of events having a bearing on pension
137Provisional pension
138Pension Payment Order
139Reasons for disallowing any service to be recorded
140Recovery of Govt. dues
141Furnishing surety
142Payment of pension
143Grant of extraordinary pension
144Pension to be paid in rupee
145Non-Indian pensioner proceeding to a place outside India
146Gratuities to non-Indian officers
147Transfer of pension
148Application for transfer of payment
149Payment in India – Pension Payment Order
150Payment of Gratuity
151Gratuity may be converted into life annuity
152Govt. not to insist on conversion
153Procedure to be observed
154Indentification of Pensioner
155Production of life certificate in certain cases
156Exemption from personal appearance
157Precautions to be taken to prevent impersonation
158Payment of pension to police officers
159Payment through agents
160Transfers in India
161Method of transfer
162Transfer within a district
163Certificate of non-employment
164Renewal of Pension Order
165Loss of PPO.
166Lapses and forfeitures
167Arrears to be paid
168A.G. may direct where payment is suspended
169Deceased pensioners
170Arrears of pension of a deceased to be paid to heirs
171-185Provisions relating to commutation of pension
186Miscellaneous provision – counting of temporary service under Govt. of India
187Special provision for certain Govt. servants
188Counting of temporary Air Raid Protection service towards pension
189Retiring benefit for Govt. servants subsequently in public sector undertaking
189APro-rata pension
190Counting of efficiency bonus towards pension
191Over-time allowance
192Counting of service in contingency establishment
193Clarification of 192
194Counting of military service rendered before civil employment
194AFamily pension in the case of military pensioner

Download: West Bengal Service (Death-Cum-Retirement Benefit) Rules, 1971

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