Mode of Requirement of Machineries and Equipments in Public Works

Update: Modification of No. 44-W(C)/1M-24/15 dated 13.02.2015

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
Works Branch

No. 44-W(C)/1M-24/15 Dated: 13/02/2015


Subject: Mode of requirement of machineries in different types of works.

It has been observed that different tendering inviting authorities are using different yardsticks for machineries and equipments essential for the project considered for evaluation of technical bids of said works, particularly, for estimated cost above Rs. 25.00 Crores and where batch-mix plants are required. Consideration of different yardsticks for machineries and equipments to be used and mode of their ownership as a criteria for technical evaluation in different circles and establishments leads to charges of arbitrariness. To avoid such problems the list of machinery and equipment need to be standardised.

2. Accordingly, based on the recommendations of the Chief Engineers’ Committee, a list of standard machineries and equipments for different work value for Roads, Bridges and Buildings has been prescribed. A format of Declaration of the bidders regarding the mode of ownership of machineries and equipments required at the scrutiny of technical bids have also been prescribed. These are enclosed herewith as Annexure – I to IV.

3. The Governor is further pleased to direct that following guidelines regarding machineries and equipments to be used in different types of works should be adhered to by the tendering authorities:

(i) Plant Machineries and equipments should be owned or arranged through lease hold agreements by the bidders.

(ii) Conclusive proof of ownership (Tax invoice, way bill, delivery challan) for each plant and machinery in working condition shall have to be submitted.

(iii) In case of Batch type Mixing Plant, proof of advance payment receipt from the manufacturer should be produced and in case of 25% payment against the total cost of the plant/ machineries have to be made by the bidders.

(iv) If the machineries have been engaged in other works then name of client along with his contract number and Email address should be furnished in the declaration by the intended tender and the present location (working place) should also be given with tentative date of release of plant & machineries.

(v) In this connection self declaration (proforma enclosed) shall also have to be submitted along with the tender and it should be declared that statement of fact related to the mode of ownership of machineries are true and it also to be clearly stated that required specified machineries shall be installed at the working site within 45 days (maximum) from the date of L.O.A./ work order.

4. A list of equipments and instruments for Field Test of building works is also enclosed for being included as desired equipment in NIT of that specific nature of work in Annexure-V.

All concerned should follow the aforesaid guidelines in all future NITs.

By order of the Governor,

Principal Secretary to the
Govt. Of West Bengal
Public Works Department

No. 44-W dated 13.02.2015, Source

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