Government Rules regarding Tender formalities/ e-Tender Procedure/ Technical Evaluation/ Financial Bid Opening/ Acceptance of Lowest Bidder/ Letter of Indent etc.

Deduction of Tax at Source from Payment to Supplier of Goods or Services

Public Works, ,

Deduction of tax at source from the payment made to the Supplier of taxable goods or Services or both where the total value of such supply, under a contract, exceeding to Rs. 2,50,000/- only.

Guidelines before Issuing Letter of Acceptance/ Work Order

Public Works,

All Executive Engineers are instructed to submit a certificate as per Format enclosed before issuance of Letter of Acceptance (LOA)/ Work Order to the Chief Engineers of the Zone.

e-Tender is Mandatory for Procurement above Rs. 1 Lakh


All the Departments of the State Government will ensure observance of e-tender process for procurements of and above Rs. 1 lakh by their own office and subordinate offices, as well as companies and corporations under their departmental control.

Revised Norms for Acceptance of Tender in case of Works/ Non-Works Department


Laying down the comprehensive procedure and guidelines for accepting the bids under different situations covering all the aspects of tender outcomes has been under active consideration of the Government for some time past.

Splitting of Project into Specialized Component Works for Separate Tenders

Finance, ,

To facilitate timely execution of projects with specialized component works, splitting of projects into the following component works and invitation of separate tender for each such component work is hereby allowed.

Demarcation of Works among PWD Electrical and PWD IT Wing

Public Works, ,

Category wise distribution of works involving electrical and electronic devices and IT & Telecom equipments amongst the Executing Authorities of PWD.

Panel of Valuation Agencies, 2020

Finance, ,

Valuation Agencies for conduct of valuation of properties, assets, enterprises, etc. for activities like restructuring of the State PSUs/ JVs, monetization of land and other assets, etc.

Acceptance of Tender by the Work Executing Departments on behalf of Non Works Departments

Finance, ,

Chief Engineers of Works Executing Departments can accept tenders with at least 3 qualified bids on behalf of the requisitioning non-Works Departments upto any value with the approval of the Government appointed tender committee of the Executing Department itself.

Sanctioning Authority of Revised Administrative Approval

Finance, ,

Delegating full power to Administrative Departments for according Revised Administrative Approval due to acceptance of rates upto 10% above without any change in scope of work.

Financial Power to Accept Tenders with less than 3 bidders

Finance, ,

Financial power of the Heads of the Administrative Departments towards acceptance of tenders with less than 3 qualified bidders in 2nd or subsequent calls will be Rs. 10 crore.
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