Provident Fund A/c Calculator as per Enhanced Rate

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As we know, the rate of Interest of Provident Fund has been increased from 8% to 8.6% w.e.f. 1st Dec, 2011 vide Finance Department Memo No. 2908-F( J), Date: 09.04.2012, wbxpress feels its necessity to publish a new P.F. Account Calculator by the help of which it will be easy to calculate the interest and generate the Account Slip.

As the rate of interest is not uniform throughout the financial year, it will not be easy to calculate the same manually or using some popular formulas.

In view of the above, a new P.F. Account calculator has been created which will perfectly calculate the interest and generate the Account slip.

This utility is prepared by Somnath Das, Katwa, Burdwan, works as a U.D.C. under Judicial Department, Burdwan. For any technical query please free to contact the author at som.bindas@yahoo.com

Download: Provident Fund Calculator

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