Nursing Superintendent – Duties & Responsibilities

ANNEXURE- I of No. HNG/742 dated 29.05.2013 regarding Revised Job Responsibility of Nursing Personnel under WBNS.


The Nursing Superintendent is expected to work independently in connection with the Nursing administration of the institution, in the most effective way. She will act as the Liaison Officer between the Institution concerned and the Directorate of Health Services and other Nursing Officer of other Institution. Local authority will ensure that she will have a separate well equipped office including telephone facilities with Fax, computer with internet connection, dealing clerk (U.D.-1 & L.D.-1), office Peon & Group – D in each shift for smooth running of her work.


  1. She will participate in the formulation of the philosophy of the hospital specific to the nursing services.
  2. She will formulate goals and objctives and participate in formation of policies of the nursing services of the concern hospital.
  3. She will implement hospital policies and rules for better health services to the patients.
  4. She will make plan for placement of nursing staff including sister-in-charge, staff nurse, students in different units, their rotation plan, and maintain a satisfactory schedule.
  5. She will recommend personnel requirement and material requirements.
  6. She will review the census and daily reports of hospital and report to the higher authority accordingly.
  7. She will make regular hospital round individually and with Hospital Superintendent as well as with various hospital committees to ensure the quality of patient care services.
  8. She will responsible for making nursing audit and take necessary action accordingly.
  9. She will supervise various stocks of wards for keeping the stock position up to- date with the help of Dy. Nursing Superintendent and sister- in-charge.
  10. She will take initiative and participate actively in condemnation of articles of the hospital.
  11. She shall be responsible to ensure issuance of show cause notice to all nurses remaining on unauthorized absent and long absent and disobey the authority.
  12. She will prepare ACR/ OPR of all nursing staff working under her regularly and forward to the Nursing Directorate when ever asked for.
  13. She will be responsible to prepare working statement of all nursing personnel and co-ordinate with hospital authority.
  14. She will maintain various record registers such as cumulative record, leave record, attendance register, explanation letter file, grievance file of nursing services, performance appraisal, health record, report of serious patients, census book (daily, monthly & yearly) etc.
  15. She will take action of all disciplinary problems when her Dy. Nursing Superintendent or other subordinate staff in difficult to handle.
  16. She will prepare the budget proposal for the nursing services department.
  17. She will keep herself apprised of the hospital condition and will be aware of any special patient of significant diagnosis and needing special care.
  18. She will investigate the problem as asked by higher authority.
  19. She will responsible for sending the names of various nursing professionals to the Nursing Directorate for making gradation list.


  1. She will foe a member of various Hospital Committees like Diet Committee, Purchases Committee, Disaster Management Committee, Infection control Committee, Rogi Kalyan Samity, Condemnation Committee, Enquiry Committee, College Council Committee, Quarter Committee etc and participate in all developmental planning for the hospital.
  2. She will keep communication with the head of the institution, Nursing Directorate, College off Nursing if any and other category of Staff for smooth hospital management.
  3. She will maintain inter departmental communication & act as a liaison officer between Bio-waste management System operator, Rogi Sahayak Kendra, Diet contractor, Linen contractor etc to run the hospital smoothly.
  4. She will hold periodical meeting with the hospital administrators and nursing staff to make the nursing administration effective.


  1. She will observe and take active part for maintaining cleanliness of the wards, with the help of ward master, Asst. Superintendent, Deputy Nursing Superintendent and Ward sister.
  2. She will enquire regarding presence of Gr. D, presence of nurses, light & ventilation, any sound pollution, safety security of the patient, fire extinguisher, presence of security personnel etc. during her every day round.
  3. She will formulate the standard protocol, enforce for implementation of the standard by encouraging the unit in charge to supervise the maintenance of developed standard, review the standard periodically for quality patient care and maintaining clean, orderly and safe environment.
  4. She will ensure regular supply of articles and equipments for proper nursing care to the patients and be vigilant about proper utilization of hospital properties.
  5. She will initiate and encourage the staff to implement the modern technology for the patient care.
  6. She will supervise the maintenance of various records such as admission register, discharge register, Log Book, Hospital Report and Census, various nurses notes, TPR Chart, intake & output chart etc. of the unit.
  7. She will check and ensure the proper patient’s diet as a member of diet committee and also to visit the hospital kitchen periodically.
  8. She will supervise the waste management, infection control and safety measures (Universal/Standard precaution) of the hospital.


  1. She will be responsible to plan, organize, conduct and actively participate in in-service and continuing education programme like:-
    • Orientation & induction programme of newly posted staff .
    • Participate in seminars workshops directly.
    • Select the participants for any workshop and keep records up to-date.
    • Encourage the nursing personnel to go for higher studies.
  2. She will counsel the subordinate staff in problem and provide guidance.
  3. She should ensure the comfortable physical facilities of the nursing staff in wards and guide them as far as practicable.
  4. She will ensure periodical health check up of all nursing personnel, working in the hospital, maintain health records and take action for sick nurses.
  5. She will arrange nurses’ sick room in the hospital for the sick nurses.
  6. She shall encourage recreational programme for nurses and actively participate in all recreational, social and professional activities.
  7. She will visit the nurses’ hostel periodically for smooth running the hostel & mess.
  8. She will submit proposal for expansion and construction of nurses hostel as and when necessary.
  9. She will ensure that all nursing staff are in tidy, clean uniform and maintain professional etiquette.


  1. She will participate in students’ selection and recruitment.
  2. She will be involved in planning, implementation and evaluation of the curriculum.
  3. She will keep herself apprised of the teaching programme attached to her institute.
  4. She will initiate new projects/ study/ evidence based research for professional growth and submit the proposal to Nursing Directorate.

Director of Health Services & E.O.S,
Deptt. Of Health & Family Welfare,
West Bengal.

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