Ward Sister – Duties and Responsibilities

ANNEXURE- III of No. HNG/742 dated 29.05.2013 regarding Revised Job Responsibility of Nursing Personnel under WBNS.


The ward sister is the first level supervisor and team leader of the unit. She is directly accountable to the Nursing Superintendent through Deputy Nursing Superintendent for ward management and patient care.


She will be responsible –

  1. To organize and make plan of all nursing activities of her unit for patient care according to hospital policy and rules.
  2. To establish and reinforce the prepared standard protocol for patient care.
  3. To take the report of her unit from the on duty staff nurse and will read and sign the report book.
  4. To make bed to bed round of the department with Staff & Students.
  5. To supervise direct patient care of the unit and provide direct care to seriously ill patients as and when situation arises.
  6. To assign staff nurses, student nurses for nursing care, specially for acute ill, dangerously ill patient and post operative cases.
  7. To co-ordinate with other department for patient care and for smooth running of the unit.
  8. To supervise dietary arrangement, serving of diet and feeding of the helpless patient.
  9. To supervise, guide and direct the staff Nurses and students to carry out treatment of the patients as prescribed by the physician/surgeon of the unit.
  10. To check all the records of the patient related to diagnosis, condition and treatment and ensure proper maintenance of records.


  1. She will take active part to maintain cleanliness of the ward with the help of Assistant Superintendent and Ward master.
  2. She will ensure safety and comfort of the patient of the unit.
  3. She will make duty roster of the staff nurses, student nurses and work assignment.
  4. She will check the attendance of all nurses posted in her unit and report to the office of Nursing Superintendent.
  5. She will indent and procure the ward supplies, equipment and drugs.
  6. She will check the inventory regularly and keep the stock register up to date.
  7. She will maintain the records of non-serviceable articles and make arrangement for condemnation.
  8. She will maintain stock register and it will be countersigned by Nursing Superintendent.
  9. She will face the audit (Internal & External) periodically.
  10. She will establish and reinforce the standard of nursing procedure as prescribed.
  11. She will ensure the maintenance of waste management and infection control of the ward.
  12. She will ensure prevention of wastage and misuse of supplies and drugs.
  13. She will act as a liaison officer between ward and administration.
  14. She will maintain good public relation in her unit.
  15. She will maintain ward statistics and submit to concern authority regularly.
  16. She will deal with adverse situation and report to the concerned authority.
  17. She will report any theft or loss to the higher authority through Nursing Superintendent.
  18. She will report any medico legal cases in the ward to the concern authority.
  19. She will write and submit performance report of the staff and send to the office of the Nursing Superintendent.
  20. She will make arrangement for keeping the patients belongings in safe custody as per laid down policy of the hospital.
  21. She will maintain daily patient’s census of the unit and report about the critically ill patients to the Nursing Superintendent.
  22. She will perform any other duty allotted to her by the Nursing Superintendent/ Dy. Nursing Superintendent in the interest of the public and when necessary.
  23. She will perform morning, evening and night duty in the interest of the Hospital.


She will be responsible –

  1. To organize and oversee the orientation programme of staff and student.
  2. To encourage and participate in staff development programme in her unit.
  3. To implement the practical part of the Nursing Educational Programme.
  4. To guide the student for formulation of nursing care pan, nursing care studies for the patient.
  5. To evaluate the students performance in the ward & report accordingly.
  6. To assist and supervise the student for incidental teaching, health education programme (formal and informal) for the patients and their relatives.
  7. To help in Medical and Nursing Research.

Director of Health Services & E.O.S,
Deptt. Of Health & Family Welfare,
West Bengal.

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