Deputy Nursing Superintendent – Duties and Responsibilities

ANNEXURE- II of No. HNG/742 dated 29.05.2013 regarding Revised Job Responsibility of Nursing Personnel under WBNS.


Deputy Nursing Superintendent is second in command in the Nursing Administration of the hospital. She will be responsible for management and supervision of nursing services of the various department of the hospital. The units may be out patient department, special clinics, operation theatre, special therapy units etc. or of a small hospital. She will assist the Nursing Superintendent in all area of nursing activities, and act as Deputies in the absence of Nursing Superintendent.


1. The Deputy Nursing Superintendent will assist the Nursing Superintendent in her office work.

2. She will deal with the matter which may be allotted to her and maintain official decorum.

3. She will be responsible for preparing master rotation of staff nurses subject to approval of Nursing Superintendent.

4. She will check and verify the duty roster of the Staff Nurses’ prepared by Sister-in-charge, guided by Nursing Superintendent.

5. She will be responsible for making relief arrangement for sudden absence of nursing staff.

6. She will prepare roster of Sister-in-charge guided by Nursing Superintendent and submitted to Nursing Superintendent for approval.

7. She will make round in the hospital every day.

8. She will be responsible to receive report from the night supervisor of the hospital and provide report to Nursing Superintendent.

9. She will check attendance of staff Nurses every shift.

10. She will be responsible for compile and submit nursing statistics to the concern authority.

11. She will arrange staff meeting periodically and in need.

12. She will maintain of records of staff statistics related to educational programme.

13. She will maintain bio-data and cumulative record of all nursing personnel guided by Nursing Superintendent.

14. She will act as a liaison officer between the nursing department and other sections of the Hospital.

15. She will perform morning, evening and night duty in the interest of the hospital.


1. She will act as a departmental in-charge.

2. She will evaluate the nature and quantum of care required for each unit.

3. She will organize and plan nursing care activities of the wards according to hospital policy and service needed.

4. She will be actively involved for preparation of the standard protocol of nursing care and implement that protocol with the help of Ward Sister for quality patient care and will review periodically.

5. She will plan staffing pattern and other necessary requirement of any unit.

6. She will supervise the cleanliness of the ward with the help of Sister-in-Charge, Ward master and Asst. Superintendent.

7. She will help ward sister for procurement of supplies in the wards.

8. She will supervise the proper use and care of the equipments and supplies.

9. She will check and verify the stock ledger and inventory of sister- in-charge periodically.

10. She will aware about general comfort of the patients and their relatives.

11. She will enquire regarding any sound pollution, electrical Hazards, Fire extinguisher and presence of security personnel etc. of the ward.

12. She will deal with the problems met with during her round on the spot and report to Nursing Superintendent.

13. She will make written report to Nursing Superintendent for any case of breach of discipline or direction of duty on the part of any member of nursing personnel.


She will supervise the waste management of the unit by –

a) Ensuring the coloured coated collection bins and coloured coating plastic bags at the waste generated site.
b) Ensuring supply of bleaching solution in non pierce able container for disposing of sharps.
c) Ensuring needle cutter in working condition.
d) Ensuring proper disposal of the waste.
e) Ensuring for keeping PEP ready for sharp injury.


She will supervise the cleanliness of the ward with the help of Sister-in charge, Ward Master and Assistant Superintendent.

Points of Observation

a. Supply of Water round the clock.
b. Hand washing facility.
c. Attendance of ancillary staff.
d. Supply of antiseptic, cleansing agents.
e. Mopping/washing of the floor.
f. Changing of bed sheet, curtain etc.
g. Light and ventilation of the unit.


1. She will aware about the clinical rotation plan and duty roster of the students make by the Sister Tutor In-Charge of the Nursing Training School or College of Nursing.

2. She will arrange, implement and supervise the Clinical Teaching/ Health Education of the nursing students of school of Nursing and College of Nursing with the help of staff nurse and sister-in-charge, Sister Tutor and Faculty of College of Nursing.

3. She will counsel and guide the staff.

4. She will assist in planning and participate the training of ancillary staff e.g. hand washing, waste management etc.

5. She will plan and participate in staff development programme like

orientation programme for newly appointed nursing staff.
conduction and participation in in-service training programme.
Selection of the participants for any workshop as asked by the authority and maintain record properly.

6. She will arrange medical check up of all nursing personnel in the Institution periodically and maintain health record.

7. She will attend periodical meeting of the School of Nursing if necessary.

8. She will help in medical and nursing research.


She will be responsible for –

1. Making round in the Nurses Hostel everyday and ensure Cleanliness, neatness and hygienic atmosphere.

2. Supervision of cleanliness of kitchen, dining hall.

3. Checking the quality and quantity of the food.

4. Supervision the smooth running of the hostel, kitchen & dining hall.

5. Maintenance of crockery, cutlery, utensils & furniture of the hostel.

6. Supervision of the inventory used in the hostel and make physical verification of the stock at least once in a year.

7. Making arrangement for repair and replacement of unserviceable articles.

8. Making arrangement for condemnation of the articles of Nurses Hostel.

9. Making arrangement for report of any theft or any incident occur in Nurses Hostel to the concern authority.

Director of Health Services & E.O.S,
Deptt. Of Health & Family Welfare,
West Bengal.

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