Posts Exempted from Consultation with PSC, West Bengal

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch


No. 4969-F(P), Dated: 20.06.2013.

In exercise of power conferred by the proviso to clause (3) of article 320 of the Constitution of India and in supersession of all previous notifications on the subject, the Governor is pleased hereby to make, with immediate effect, the following amendments in the West Bengal Public Service Commission (Exemption from Consultation) Regulations, 2008, issued with this Department notification No. 9103-F, dated the 3rd December, 2008, as subsequently amended, published in the Kolkata Gazette, Extraordinary, PART I, dated the 22nd December, 2008 (hereinafter referred to as said regulations):-


In the said regulations, in regulation 17, in the Table, after serial No. 27 in column (1) and the entries relating thereto in column (2) insert the following serial No. and the entries thereto in column (1), and column (2), respectively:

All the following posts:-

28. (i) Director /Additional Director/ Joint Director/ Deputy Director/Deputy Director (Tech) /Assistant Director of all the Directorates and other establishments;

(ii) General Duty Medical Officer /Medical Officer/ Medical Officer (Specialist);

(iii) Clinical Psychologist;

(iv) Medical Officer (Acupuncture);

(v) Assistant Superintendent (Non-Medical);

(vi) Physicist-Cum-Radiation Safety Officer;

(vii) Radiologist;

(viii) Senior Inspector of Drugs/ Inspector of Drugs;

(ix) Senior Research Officer /Junior Research Officer;

(x) Senior Scientific Officer /Scientific Officer;

(xi) Senior Scientific Assistant /Scientific Assistant/ Junior Scientific Assistant;

(xii) Senior Technical Assistant/ Technical Assistant/ Junior Technical Assistant;

(xiii) Laboratory Assistant /Technician;

(xiv) Animal Keeper;

(xv) Laboratory Attendant;

(xvi) Inspector of the Directorate of ISM Drug Control;

(xvii) Special Officer of Unani/ Medical Officer of Unani;

(xviii) Statistician;

(xix) Principal Nursing Officer /Principal/ Vice Principal of Nursing Schools/ teaching establishments;

(xx) Nursing Practitioner;

(xxi) PHNO;

(xxii) Nurse Tutor;

(xxiii) Health Education Officer;

(xxiv) Clinical Instructor/ Demonstrator of Nursing;

(xxv) Senior Nursing Educator,/ Junior Nursing Educator, Neonatal Unit;

(xxvi) Professor/ Reader /Senior Lecturer /Clinical Instructor of Nursing;

(xxvii) Deputy Manager (Ay);

(xxviii) Deputy Manager (Homoeo);

(xxix) Plant Survey Officer;

(xxx) Administrative Officer of State Pharmacopoeial Laboratory for Indian Medicine;

(xxxi) Apothecary-in-charge/ Apothecary/ Assistant Apothecary;

(xxxii) Analyst;

(xxxiii) Foreman;

(xxxiv) Production Supervisor;

(xxxv) Machine Operator;

(xxxvi) Electrician;

(xxxvii) Power Tiller Operator;

(xxxviii) Resident Medical Officer of Homoeopathy/ Deputy Medical Superintendent under the Directorate of

(xxxix) Principal/ Professor/ Reader/ Lecturer under the Directorate of Homoeopathy;

(xl) Inspector of Homoeopathy;

(xli) Inspector of Ayurveda/ Special Officer of Ayurveda/ Senior Ayurveda Medical Officer;

(xlii) Pharmacist/ Pharmacist (Gr III);

(xliii) Principal-Superintendenl/ Superintendent/ Deputy Superintendent/ Superintendent and ex-officio Professor/ Registrar-cum-House Physician/ Resident Surgeon/ R.P/R.M.O of JB Roy State Ayurvedic MCH/ Institute of PG Ayurvedic Education Research/ Viswanath Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya;

(xliv) Professor/ Reader /Lecturer of JB Roy State Ayurvedic MCH;

(xlv) Assistant Professor of Sanskrit;

(xlvi) Pathologist/ Clinical Pathologist;

(xlvii) Anaesthetist;

(xlviii) Ward Master/ Ward Master (Gr. III);

(xlix) Tailor;

(l) Painter;

(li) Carpenter;

(lii) Massegist;

(liii) Driver/ Driver-Grade-II;

(liv) Gardener;

(lv) Nurse;

(lvi) X-ray Assistant/Technician;

(lvii) Laboratory Assistant/Technician;

(lviii) Apothecary Bearer;

(lix) Dome/ Cleaner /Cleaner-cum-Dom;

(lx) Washman;

(lxi) Machine Operator;

(lxii) Laboratory Attendant;

(lxiii) Assistant Superintendent, (Non-Medical);

(lxiv) M.T (Optometry)(Gr III)/ M.T (Lab)(Gr-III)/ M.T (X-ray)(Gr-III)/ M.T (ECG, EEG, EMG)(Gr-III) /M.T
(ITU)(Gr-III)/ M.T (Audiometric Technician (Gr-III)/ M.T (Dental)(Gr-III);

(lxv) Physiotherapist (Gr-III);

(lxvi) Health Assistant (Male);

(lxvii) Linen Keeper;

(lxviii) Tinsmith;

(lxix) Dresser;

(lxx) Taxidermist;

(lxxi) Boiler Man;

(lxxii) Laundry Charge Woman;

(lxxiii) Kitchen Supervisor/ Diet Sircar;

(lxxiv) Museum Keeper;

(lxxv) Darkroom Assistant;

(lxxvi) Joint DHS (Transport)/Assistant DHS (Transport) /Deputy Assistant DHS (Transport and Maintenance)/ Regional Health Transport Officer/Vehicle Administrative Controller/ Deputy Vehicle Administrative Controller of State Health Transport Organization;

(lxxvii) Work Superintendent;

(lxxviii) Superintendent of Stores;

(lxxix) Works Foreman;

(lxxx) Store Officer;

(lxxxi) Inspector of Stores/ Chief Store Keeper;

(lxxxii) Senior Supervisor (Area Foreman);

(lxxxiii) Assistant Supervisor;

(lxxxiv) Time Keeper;

(lxxxv) Mechanic/ Junior Mechanic;

(lxxxvi) Senior Welder;

(lxxxvii) Junior Tyreman;

(lxxxviii) Upholsterer;

(lxxxix) Sheet Metal Smith;

(xc) Assistant Mechanist (VICE);

(xci) Partsman;

(xcii) Junior Electrical Technician;

(xciii) Assistant Blacksmith;

(xciv) Pumpman/ Punch Operator (Machine Section);

(xcv) Refrigerator Mechanic;

(xcvi) Cleaner-cum-Stretcher Bearer/ Stretcher Bearer- cum-cleaner;

(xcvii) Senior Workman (Packing);

(xcviii) Helper;

(xcix) Workman (Mazdoor/Mali);

(c) Assistant Editor;

(ci) Feature Writer;

(cii) Translator;

(ciii) Artist-cum-photographer;

(civ) Projectionist;

(cv) Offset Machine Operator, Senior Offset Machine Operator, Junior Offset Machine Operator;

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