Remuneration of Contractual Gr. C and D Workers under PWD

Khadya Bhavan, Kolkata-700087

No. 132/1M-61/2016-R/E Dated: 19.02.2019


The matter of fixation of monthly remuneration of the casual/contractual Group-C and Group-D workers engaged under the administrative control of this Department, who have been brought under the purview of service benefits in terms of Finance Department’s Memo No. 9008-F(P) dated 16.09.2011 read with Memo No. 4011-F(P) dated 20.05.2013 and Memo No. 1107-F(P) dated 25.02.2016 ibid, by this Department so far was under active consideration for some time past.

i) Now, after consideration of the matter, the Governor is pleased to decide that the casual/ contractual worker engaged under the purview of Finance Department’s Memo No. 9008-F(P) dated 16.09.2011 in various offices under the administrative control of this Department is entitled to get the revised remuneration with effect from 01.02.2019 in terms of Finance Department Memo No. 1033-F(P2) dated 08.02.2019.

ii) With effect from 1st February, 2019 such workers, on attaining the age of 60 (sixty) years, will be entitled to one time terminal benefit of Rs. 3.00 Lakh in place of existing Rs. 2.00 Lakh.

iii) The above categories of Group-“D” workers, who possess educational qualification of Madhyamik Pass or above and have been in engagement continuously for more than 3 (three) years will be given the benefit of engagement as Contractual/ Casual/ Daily Rated Group-C Workers from the prospective date subject to availability of vacancy in the Group-C category. While allowing this benefit the existing remuneration of an individual worker in Group-D Category shall be protected.

Such Exercise shall be made by the respective Appointing Authority after obtaining approval of this Department.

iv) Tenure of engagement, yearly enhancement of remuneration, Medical benefit and Leave facility of such workers shall be guided by the provisions of Finance Department Memo No. 1107-F(P) dated 25.02.2016 read with this Department Memo No. 2057-E/E-II/2M-05/18 Dated 29.08.2018 as usual.

The order is being issued with the approval of Principal Secretary of this Department,

The Principal A.G. (A&E), WB and all concerned are being informed accordingly.

Joint Secretary (Personnel)
Public Works Department

No. 132-E dated 19.02.2019