Revised procedure for Over the Counter Receipt through GRIPS

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch
Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-700 001.

No. 10578-F(Y), Dated: 28.12.2012.


Subject: Revised procedure for Over the Counter Receipt through GRIPS & inclusion of more Banks in GRIPS.

In continuation of this Department Notification No. 8298-F(Y) dated 03.12.2012 regarding On-line and Off-line Receipts of Tax and Non-Tax Revenue through Government Receipt Portal System [GRIPS], the Governor is pleased to decide the following:

A. Revised procedure for Over the Counter Receipt [OCR] through GRIPS:

(i) The Taxpayer/Depositor shall generate an e-Challan from GRIPS Portal wherein GRN No., Date, Head of account, amount and the name of the Bank shall be mentioned. The Taxpayer/Depositor shall take the printout of the e-challan in two copies.

(ii) Such e-Challan shall be valid for seven (7) days.

(iii) The GRIPS shall immediately transmit necessary information in respect of such e-challans to the concerned Bank’s Portal.

(iv) The Taxpayer/Depositor shall present two copies of printed e-challan at the counter of any branch of that participating Banks as selected by him and deposit the money. Bank will give receipt in one copy of such e-Challan. In case of deposit of money by cheque, the receipt shall be given after clearance of the cheque by the Bank.

(v) The Nodal Branches of the participating Banks shall upload the required data in respect of ‘Over the Counter Receipts’ [OCR] in the prescribed .xml format in the GRIPS Portal within 12 noon of the next working day on T+l basis.

(vi) The participating Banks shall report all the ‘Online’ and ‘Over the Counter Receipts’ to the Reserve Bank of India, PAD, Kolkata in one file in the .xml format as prescribed by the RBI on the next working day on T+1 basis.

(vii) The above process shall be effective on and from 01.01.2013,

B. In a single e-challan there shall be provision for payment under maximum six (6) heads of accounts.

C. Some more heads of accounts have been included in the GRIPS Portal. A revised list, containing the heads of accounts pertaining to different Department/ Directorate, where the Taxpayer/Depositor can deposit the money through GRIPS Portal, at present, is enclosed with this Memorandum as Annexure-A

D. Following three more Banks have been included in the GRIPS Portal (i) Canara Bank, (ii) Bank of India, (iii) Corporation Bank.

A revised list of all participating banks in GRIPS Portal is enclosed with this Memorandum as Annexure-B.

Sd/- H. K. Dwivedi
Secretary to the Government of West Bengal.

No. 10578-F dated 28.12.2012, Source

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