Samajik Mukti (Social Freedom)

The Government of West Bengal is marching ahead with the citizen-centric mission of Social Security. The latest initiative in this approach is ‘SAMAJIK MUKTI CARD’ for the marginal & unorganized sector workers in the State. The Government has taken up the task of empowerment of all unorganised sector workers.

The vision is to enroll all unorganized sector workers under State Assisted Scheme of Provident Fund for Unorganized Workers (SASPFUW), Buildings and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare (BOCWA) and West Bengal Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare (WBTWSS) Schemes and the unorganized sector workers covered under SASPFUW are getting special smart cards called ‘SAMAJIK MUKTI CARD’ Smart Card (with 32 KB memory) based solution for Samajik Mukti Card will bring immense benefits:

1. An online web based application in connection with administration of SASPFUW Scheme is already in operation and would become fully functional in the near future. A beneficiary would be able to have an access to his/ her records through this “Samajik Mukti Card”.

2. “Samajik Mukti Card” can be used by an unorganized worker at any of the 68 Regional labour Offices (R.L.O) at districts and subdivisions as well as in all 480 Labour Welfare Facilitation Centres (L.W.F.C) in blocks and Municipalities. All such offices are provided with computer along with card reader and card writer. On inserting the card in the card reader/ writer, the required information will be seen on computer screen. Once transaction is made and /or benefits are availed by a worker, it will be automatically updated and shown in the computer screen. The card reader/ writer system will be connected to the Central SASPFUW Server hosted at SDC.

3. “Samajik Mukti Card” is a photo identity smart card for unorganized workers. The card could be read from any R.L.O or L.W.F.C. The records of transaction made and/or benefits availed are electronically maintained and data is tamper proof and highly secured.

It is also an attempt to integrate all social security benefits available for the unorganized workers.

The objective of the project is to realize following objectives: i) Bringing maximum number of Workers under the welfare schemes ii) Smooth and Speedy delivery of Welfare benefits under the three schemes iii) Effective and Transparent management and utilization of the funds available.

Hon’ble Chief Minister, West Bengal Launched the issue of ‘Samajik Mukti Cards’ to the unorganized sector workers on 26.07.2012 at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata.

So far around 29 lakh cards have been prepared.


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