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DDOs need to procure Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for IFMS related Operations and for floating of e-NIT through the State Government e-tender portal.

Web-socket based Digital Signature Certificate in IFMS


The new Web-Socket based D-Sign allows authentication of data by multiple users as well as signing of documents. It also minimizes dependency on the Internet Browser and incorporate multiple signatories on the same document.

Mandatory Use of DSC for approval in HRMS


Head of Offices (HOO), Appointing Authorities (AA) will provide all necessary approvals or accord permissions in HRMS through his/her digital signature only.

Number of Authorised Officers for Evaluation/ Opening e-Tender


All Tender Committees are hereby advised to upload the e-tender document by using 3 or 4 members DSC by selecting either (a) 2 of 4 or (b) 2 of 3 out of the available options.

Renewal of DSC from M/s CRG Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.


Governor is pleased to authorize M/s CRG Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd., an authorized agent of M/s eMudhra Consumer Services Ltd., to renew DSCs on or before expiry of their validity.

One Time Password (OTP) for Non-DSC Holder DDO in e-Pradan


DDO will receive an OTP on his/ her registered mobile number each and every time he logs in to the system with his login ID and password to submit Bills to the Treasury/PAO.

Clarification on Digital Signature Certificates (DSC)


If an officer is holding the charge of DDO for multiple offices, whether the officer can perform DDO functioning of all the offices with one DSC in his/ her name?

Digital Signature Certificate for Operation of e-Pradan module


Procurement of digital signature certificates for TO/ATO, PAO/APAO, and PDO/APDO who are stake holders of e-Pradan module in their capacity as Administrator/operator/user of different function of the module.

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