One Time Password (OTP) for Non-DSC Holder DDO in e-Pradan

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. 4169-F(Y) Dated, 28th May, 2015


Drawal of fund from Treasuries/ PAO through e-Pradan module of IFMS has already been introduced in West Bengal with effect from 1st April 2015 vide FD Memo No. 4905-F(Y), dated 17th September 2014 read with No. 1179-F(Y) dated 25th February 2015.

Under e-Pradan module some security measures have been introduced which include use of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) by the approver for the purpose of electronic submission of bill to the PAO/ Treasury. In the meantime, a clarification has been issued regarding use of DSC, vide FD memo. no. 3045-F(Y) dt. 13.4.15. Since DSC issued and registered in the name of one officer cannot be used by another, some temporary problem may arise during the waiting period for new DSC to be issued in the name of the new DDO in situations mentioned in item nos. 4 and 9 of memo. no. 3045-F(Y) dt. 13.4.15. The issues involved have engaged the attention of Finance Department for some time past. Now, it has been decided that an alternative mechanism needs to be devised as a temporary measure to enable the new DDO to function in appropriate manner for approval and submission of bill online to the Treasury/ PAO using a secured code in place of DSC.

Therefore, the undersigned is directed to prescribe the following alternative method of approval by the DDO before submission of the claim online electronically/ through e-Pradan to the Treasury/ PAO –

  1. The new DDO, having no DSC in his/ her name, will submit an application to the PAO/ Treasury officer in the format given in the Annexure requesting for activation of OTP Gateway stating the reason. In case, the DDO is not the Head of Office, application should be recommended by Head of Office.
  2. The PAO/Treasury concerned will provide login ID password to the new DDO as usual. But as a special measure PAO/Treasury will enable the OTP gateway for the DDO, temporarily for a maximum period of 30 days to be counted from the day of its activation.
  3. The new DDO, will receive through SMS an OTP (one-time-password) on his/ her registered mobile number each and every time he logs in to the system with his login ID and password to submit Bills to the Treasury/PAO through e-Pradan /e-billing module of IFMS.
  4. The DDO shall obtain and register DSC in his/ her name before expiry of the period of 30 days.
  5. OTP facility will automatically be de-activated after expiry of the period if the DDO fails to obtain DSC and register within that period.
  6. In case, the DSC is obtained before expiry of period of 30 days then the OTP will automatically be de-activated as soon as the DSC is registered in the IFMS.
  7. Under no circumstances, DSC & OTP will remain valid concurrently.
  8. DDO will get access to all modules of IFMS for which he is authorised by entering such OTP along with Login ID & Password.

A separate One-Time-Password (OTP) gateway has been opened by the State Government in the IFMS in order to make available to the new DDO having no DSC in his/her name, the secured code for the purpose mentioned above. This alternative option will be available to the new DDO as a purely temporary measure and will cease to operate on expiry of the 30 day validity period or registration of a new DSC in his/her name in the IFMS, whichever is earlier.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 4169-F dated 28.05.2015, Source

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