Procurement of Digital Signature Certificate with USB Token

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Update: Renewal of DSC from M/s CRG Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 5531-F(Y) Dated, 5th November, 2014


WHEREAS, procurement of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from licensed CA’s was authorised vide FD memo. no. 3666-F(Y) dt. 14.7.14 consequent upon discontinuance of supply of DSC by NICCA; and,

WHEREAS, use of DSC is essential for floating of e-NIT through the state Government e-tender portal, https://wbtenders.gov.in, as well as for e-Pradan module of IFMS which is going to be introduced wef 1.12.2014 vide FD memo. no. 4905-F(Y) dt. 17.9.2014; and,

WHEREAS, Webel Technology Limited (WTL), a State Government organisation, was entrusted with the task of selection of DSC supplier through e-tender procedure out of the licensed Certifying authorities of CCA, Dptt of Electronics and Information Technology, GOI; and,

WHEREAS, WTL has recommended the name of M/S eMudhra Consumer Services Limited, one of the licensed CA’s as the LI bidder for supply of DSC along with the USB Token (dongle);

NOW, THEREFORE, the Governor is pleased to select the said licensed CA, i.e., M/S eMudhra Consumer Services Limited, as the supplier of DSC along with USB Token (dongle) for use by e-Tender inviting authorities and Drawing and Disbursing officers of the state Government with immediate effect. The procedure of supply of the DSC along with USB Token (dongle) will be as follows-

I. Procedure of supply of DSC and dongles for DDO’s.

1. District Magistrate of each district except Kolkata will be the nodal Officer for monitoring of supply of DSC to the DDO’s of his/her respective district with the help of the Treasury officer of the District HQ.

Action to be taken by the nodal officer

i. Copy and Distribution of the annexed application form among the DDO’s with request to the DDO’s to fill in the forms and return them to the respective Treasury officers according to the time schedule being intimated separately to each nodal officer shortly;

ii. Collection of the duly filled application forms from the DDO’s;

iii. submission of the filled applications to the DSC supplier’s authorized representative on the date to be fixed according to the time schedule being intimated separately to each nodal officer;

iv. making arrangement for delivery of the DSC-loaded dongles to the DDO’s who will acknowledge the receipt in presence of the nodal officer/ TO in each district according to the time schedule being intimated separately to each nodal officer;

v. issuing certificate of delivery of DSC along with dongles and its submission to WTL along with a copy of the acknowledgment of the DDO in support of his/her receipt of the DSC with dongle according to the time schedule being intimated separately to each nodal officer;

2. In case of Kolkata, PAO’s of Kolkata PAO-I, PAO-II, and PAO-III will act as the nodal officers for their respective DDO’s to be monitored by one Joint Director of Treasuries and Accounts at DTA, WB.

II. Procedure of supply of DSC and USB Token (dongle) to non-DDO e-Tender inviting authorities-

The Departmental Secretary of each Administrative Department may designate the Financial Advisor/ Dy. Financial Advisor of the respective department as the nodal officer to monitor supply of the DSC with dongles in coordination with the supplier. Action to be taken by the nodal officer for supply of DSC with dongle to the non-DDO e-tender inviting authority will be identical with the procedure prescribed for DSC meant for DDO’s. Letter with Time schedule for distribution, collection and delivery of DSC with dongles is being issued separately.

III. Payment procedure for DSC with USB Token (dongle)-

1. M/S eMudhra Consumer Services Limited, the CA selected as DSC supplier, will deliver DSC-loaded USB Tokens (dongles) to the DDO’s/ e-tender inviting authorities in presence of the nodal officer within 7 working days from the date of receipt of duly filled application form.

2. The CA will raise the bill to WTL along with the signed certificate of Nodal Officer.

3. FD will provide fund to WTL on submission of requisition for the same by the latter for payment of the cost of DSC and dongle to the CA and 5% processing fee to WTL.

4. WTL will make payment to the CA based on signed certificate of Nodal Officer in support of delivery of the DSC and dongle.

Sd/-H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

eMudhra Application Form, No. 5531-F dated 05.11.2014, Source