Introduction of Government Receipt Portal System (GRIPS) 2.0

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 4100-F(Y) Date: 28.09.2022

Introduction of Government Receipt Portal System (GRIPS) 2.0

The Government Receipt Portal System (GRIPS) has been operational since 10th October, 2012 vide Finance Department notification no. 8298-F(Y) dated 03.10.2012 and has been facilitating the on-line payment of tax and non-tax revenue and deposits by the Tax-payers and others in favour of the state government. Subsequently, vide Finance Department notification no. 5607-F(Y) dated 27.10.2016 GRIPS was incorporated in IFMS and was integrated with eKuber portal of Reserve Bank of India for timely reporting and settlement of funds.

It has been observed over the years that there has been a gradual increase in the number and nature of receipts done through GRIPS. Considering the substantial expansion in the scope and ambit of online collection of receipts through GRIPS, the government for some time past has been contemplating to upgrade the existing GRIPS to provide additional facilities.

The Governor is now pleased to introduce GRIPS 2.0 with the following additional facilities to be implemented in a phased manner:

  1. Revamped Portal of GRIPS 2.0 with better user interface and security features.
  2. User registration and user dashboard.
  3. Facility for payment into deposit account/ bank account of various Govt Companies/ Undertakings/ Corporations/ Local Bodies and other Govt. Parastatals.
  4. Single Debit Multiple Credit functionality i.e. facility for payment of multiple services in a single transaction.
  5. Online and service based defacement of challan.
  6. Facility for claiming refund through departmental portal.

All Departments/ Directorates having their portals integrated with GRIPS will continue to receive revenue/ deposits in the existing manner.

GRIPS 2.0 with the above functionalities will also be available in the WBiFMS mobile application for iOS and Android version.

GRIPS 2.0 will be operational with immediate effect.

Additional Chief Secretary
to the Govt of West Bengal

No. 4100-F dated 28.09.2022, Source

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