Modalities of Receipt of Funds into Deposit Accounts through GRIPS

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 3741-F(eGov) Date: 07.06.2023


Modalities of receipt of funds into deposit accounts maintained at various treasuries/ PAO’s through GRIPS using inter-treasury transfer of fund mechanism

Presently, payment into any deposit account maintained at treasuries/ PAO’s can only be done using TR-7 challan by visiting the treasuries/ PAO’s linked bank branch. GRIPS 2.0 was launched vide G.O. no. 4100-F(Y) dated 28.09.2022 with additional features including facility for online payment into deposit account of various Govt. Companies/ Undertakings/ Corporations/ Local Bodies and other Govt. Parastatals.

In consideration of the above, the Governor is now pleased to lay down the following modalities:

1. Citizen may make online payment into the deposit account maintained at any of the Treasuries/ PAO’s under GoWB through GRIPS. On successful payment, an acknowledgement for receipt of fund into the deposit account shall be available to the depositor.

2. RBI will send the Receipt Scroll on T+1 working day to e-Treasury in IFMS for such transactions in GRIPS, where “T” is the date of Transaction.

3. On processing of Receipt Scroll in IFMS, credit of fund into the Deposit Account of concerned treasury/ PAO shall be effected using the inter-treasury transfer of fund modality as laid down in F.D. G.O. no. 338-F(Y) dated 17.01.2018, through an automated process.

4. The Accounting procedure will be as follows:

a. Entries at e-Treasury:

On processing of RBI scroll, the amount will be booked under “8675-Reserve Bank Deposit” and shall appear in the List of Payment. The corresponding inter-treasury transfer receipt head of account shall appear in the Cash Account.

b. Entries at Destination Treasury/ PAO:

The concerned inter-treasury transfer disbursement Head of Account will appear in the List of Payment and the actual head of account of the intending Deposit Account shall be booked in the Cash Account with the same amount.

c. Both (a) and (b) shall take place simultaneously.

5. This shall have necessary reflection in all the concerned reports both at e-Treasury and Destination Treasury/ PAO. Passbook of the Deposit Account Administrator shall also be updated simultaneously.

This order shall be effective immediately.

Senior Special Secretary,
Finance Department,
Government of West Bengal

No. 3741-F dated 07.06.2023, Source

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