Online Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes on GRIPS

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Minutes of the Meeting dated 19/12/2016 with Finance Department regarding online payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes, etc. on GRIPS platform

Attendance of participants is recorded separately.

Sri Alapan Bandyopadhyay, Principal Secretary, Transport Department presided over the meeting.

After stock taking with regard to various processes that have already been undertaken in this regard, it appears that Transport Department in recent time has made substantial progress in the rolling out of e-Vahan along with integration of the same with e-payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes, etc. on the GRIPS platform.

While appreciating the initiative already taken, it was resolved as follows:

  1. Roll out of e-Vahan has already been scheduled to complete within 31st January 2017 in all offices of KMA area.
  2. Integration of ‘online payment to be made through GRIPS platform’ with ‘e-Vahan’ for online registration and payment of taxes will be operationalized at PVD, Kasba and Alipur from 09th January, 2017 on a pilot basis.
  3. Similar integration of GRIPS will be done at all existing e-Vahan enabled offices preferably by 13th January, 2017, after stabilization of the integrated applications at Alipore and Kasba.
  4. Next phase of roll out of e-Vahan, in the rest of the offices of the State, will be done in the integrated mode along with e-payment option through GRIPS only.
  5. Serious efforts will be made to complete such roll out of e-Vahan throughout the State within 31st March, 2017.
  6. As an alternative mode of payment of taxes by the owners, they will be encouraged to opt for e-payment of taxes directly in the GRIPS portal through the available modes of payment. e-Receipts of such deposits are to be produced to the concerned Taxing Officer’s office as proof of payment of such taxes payable. The GRN number of such e-receipt will be inserted, after due authentication of such payment from the GRIPS portal by the Taxing Officer, in the existing Vahan database against the draft payment mode only for actual generation of tax receipts, so that audit trails can be left in the database. Transport Department will issue enabling notification to this effect. It would also be explored whether eVahan and GRIPS portals may be integrated so as confirmation of payment may be posted to eVahan system through web-service and may obviate the need of depositor to visit the motor vehicle office to present GRN Challan and entry by the staff of RTO Office.
  7. Transport Department will setup a helpdesk for providing assistance to users of eVahan portal.
  8. Finance Department will also share the names, designations and contact details of the Nodal Officers for GRIPS for each participating bank enrolled under GRIPS. However, GRIPS/ IFMS portal already has a Help Desk which may be contacted through phone and the complaints, if any, may be logged through Online system.

The meeting ended with thanks to and from the chair.

Sd/- Principal Secretary
to the Government of W.B.,
Transport Department.

No. 5730-WT dated 21.12.2016