Guidelines before Issuing Letter of Acceptance/ Work Order

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
Works Branch
Nabanna, Howrah

No. 375-W(C)/1M-44/2022 Dated: 01/12/2022


It is notified that Guidelines/ SoP for taking up works of Government Departments by PWD had already been circulated vide Memo No. 18-ACS/PWD dated 03.12.2019.

  1. Accordingly, Requisitioning Authorities of different Departments under the Government of West Bengal are submitting their requisitions through the format of this Guidelines/ SoP to the concerned Executive Engineers/ Superintending Engineers of PWD. The concerned Executive Engineer prepared the necessary estimates and placed the same to the concerned Department through the procedure in force. After receiving the estimate the concerned Department issued Administrative Approval and PWD officials floated e-NIT and issued work orders as per standard procedure and rules.
  2. It has been observed that in many instances, after finalisation of work orders, the work could not be executed due to change of the site, legal encumbrance or non-availability of approach road.
  3. Hence, in order to avoid such situations, all Executive Engineers are instructed to submit a certificate as per Format enclosed before issuance of Letter of Acceptance (LOA)/ Work Order to the Chief Engineers of the Zone. Chief Engineers of the Zone will examine the certificate and if satisfied, will ask Superintending Engineers/ Executive Engineers to issue LOA/ Work Order for the work.
  4. If the concerned Chief Engineers observe that the situation is not fit for issuance of LOA/ Work Order, he will take up the matter with the concerned officials/ authorities to solve the problems within the next 15 working days. If it is still unresolved, it will be brought to the notice of this department to take final decision in this regard.
  5. Compliance in this regard shall be strictly adhered to for all new schemes henceforth during issuance of LOA/ Work Order.
  6. This is the 2nd step of Memo No. 18-ACS/PWD dated 03.12.2019.

All concerned are being informed.

Enclo: Format of Certificate.

Secretary to the Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department

No. 375-W dated 01.12.2022, Source

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