• Mandatory Field Enquiry while disposing Warrison Cases

    It is hereby reiterated that before disposal of warrish cases through mutation, field enquiry and verifying the genuineness of Death Certificate/ Legal Heirs certificate should be done mandatorily.

  • Certificates/ Valid Documents of Intestate/ Testamentary Succession

    1. Succession Certificate issue by 1st Class Judicial Magistrate. 2. Legal Heir Certificate issued by the Collector of the district concerned. 3. Order of execution issued by the Competent Court in pursuance of Will or Gift Deed. 4. Legal Heir Certificate issued by the Local Panchayat Pradhan/ Councilor of local Municipality/ Municipal Corporation/ Chairman/ Chairperson…

  • Waiver of Mutation Fees on Succession in West Bengal

    Governor is pleased to waive, the processing fees for mutation of land records where land is transferred to descendants by way of intestate or testamentary succession from parents to their offspring, or by way of gift deed.