Mandatory Field Enquiry while disposing Warrison Cases

Government of West Bengal
Land & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief Rehabilitation Department
NABANNA (6th Floor)
325, Sarat Chatterjee Road, Howrah – 711 102

No. 3054-LP/5M-33/15 Date: 18.07.2022


Land & Land Reforms and RRR Department issued a simplified procedure of mutation order vide Memo No. 644-LR/1A-01/2009 dtd. 6th February, 2009 whereby prescribed authority under Section 50 of the WBLR Act was impressed upon causing physical verification/ enquiry and giving opportunity of being heard to all interested parties. Subsequently, with the introduction of automated mutation for direct purchase from recorded Raiyat, system of field verification and hearing were dispensed with by dint of amendment in Rule 21 of WBLR Rules, 1965. However, usual practice of serving notice and hearing are still being followed where the vendor is not the recorded Raiyat.

In the year 2019 another Order was issued vide Memo No. 1511-LP/5M-33/15 dated 20.05.2019 whereby prescribed authority under Section 50 of WBLR Act has been advised to cause field enquiry while disposing of warrison cases through mutation on the strength of Legal Heirs Certificate.

In recent past it is brought to the notice of the Department that a few Death Certificates/ Legal Heirs Certificates, purportedly issued from the Office of the Panchayat and Municipalities have turned out to be false and fabricated, in consequence of which our prescribed authorities under Section 50 are placing themselves in vulnerable situation by allowing warrison cases without causing field enquiry.

In the light of the above, it is hereby reiterated that before disposal of warrish cases through mutation, field enquiry and verifying the genuineness of Death Certificate/ Legal Heirs certificate should be done mandatorily.

This Order will take immediate effect.

Sd/- LRC & Secretary

No. 3054-LP dated 18.07.2022, Source

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