Certificates/ Valid Documents of Intestate/ Testamentary Succession

Government of West Bengal
Land & Land Reforms and R.R. & R Department
Land Policy Branch
Nabanna (6th Floor)
325, Sarat Chatterjee Road, P.O.-Shibpur, Howrah- 711102

No. 1511-LP/5M-33/15 Date: 21/05/2019


Consequent upon publication of Notification No. 676-LP/5M-33/15 Dated 01st March, 2019 by the Department of Land & land Reforms and Refugee Relief & Rehabilitation regarding waiver of processing fees for mutation where land is transferred from parents to their descendants by way of intestate or testamentary succession from parents to their offspring, or by way of gift deed from parents to their offspring, issuance of detailed guidelines for disposal of mutation application on the ground of such inheritance has been under active consideration of this Department;

Now, therefore, the certificates issued by the following authorities are to be considered valid document of intestate/ testamentary succession:

  1. Succession Certificate issue by 1st Class Judicial Magistrate.
  2. Legal Heir Certificate issued by the Collector of the district concerned.
  3. Order of execution issued by the Competent Court in pursuance of Will or Gift Deed.
  4. Legal Heir Certificate issued by the Local Panchayat Pradhan/ Councilor of local Municipality/ Municipal Corporation/ Chairman/ Chairperson of Municipality/ Local MLA & MP.

The prescribed authority under section 50 of the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955 may cause field enquiry if required and necessary.

By order,

Sd/- Manoj Pant
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 1511-LP dated 21.05.2019, Source

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