Telephone Facility at Residence of Government Employees

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 3708-F(Y) Dated, 14th July, 2016


Sub: Facility of Telephone (Land line and/ or mobile connection and Internet connection) at residence of the entitled categories of Government Employees

Vide Department’s Memorandum No. 8871-F(Y) dated 31.10.2012 reimbursement up to two landline connections, where one land line is used for availing of broadband facility and one mobile phone (pre-paid/ post-paid) was allowed.

2. Now, In partial modification of this Department’s Memorandum No. 8871-F(Y) dated 31.10.2012 the undersigned is directed to state that reimbursement will be allowed for up to maximum 3 connections in total from any combination out of –

a. landline for broadband services
b. landline telephone and
c. mobile connection

However, more than two landline connections or mobile connections cannot be availed.

Overall ceiling of reimbursement prescribed in Memorandum No. 8871-F(Y) dated 31.10.2012 and Memo No. 3385-F(Y) dated 28.04.2015 shall remain.

3. All other terms and conditions fixed in Office Memorandum No. 3385-F(Y) dated 28.04.2015, No. 8871-F(Y) dated 31.10.2012 and other related orders on the subject shall remain unchanged.

4. This order will be effective for the reimbursement of telephone charges related to the month of July, 2016 onwards.

Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 3708-F dated 14.07.2016, Source

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