Treatment of Absence on 28.02.2012 for Bandh/ Strike

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch
Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata – 700 001

No. 2013-F(P) Dated: 06.03.2012


In Circular No. 283(60)-PS dated 21.02.2012 of the Home (Political) Department, Government of West Bengal, it was directed that all State Government Offices would remain open on 28.02.2012 and all Government employees should report for duty. It was also mentioned therein that no leave would be granted to any Government employee on that date. In spite of the above Circular it has been noticed that some employees did not attend office on that day.

So, the question of treatment of absence of employees on 28.02.2012 has accordingly been considered by the Government. After careful consideration of the entire matter, the Governor has been pleased to decide as follows:

Head of offices will issue Show Cause notice to the concerned employee who was absent on 28.02.2012 asking him to explain why action would not be taken against him for such unauthorized absence in violation of Circular No. 283(60)-PS dt. 21.02.2012. After receipt of reply, action may be taken in the following manner:

1) Leave due and admissible may be granted on production of documentary evidence in the following cases:-

a) Hospitalisation of the employee.
b) Bereavement in the family.
c) Severe illness and absence continuing from before.
d) Employee who had been on leave continuing from before, if such leave was sanctioned prior to issue of the above Circular.
e) Compelling reasons of similar nature, where the employee could not report for duty for circumstances beyond his control. (Specific reason with documentary proof will have to be furnished in each such case.)

It is mentioned here that dislocation of traffic will not be a reason for granting leave as traffic remain normal on that day.

2) Where the absence is not covered by any of the above mentioned reasons, the same will be treated as dies non and no salary will be admissible for that day. However this will not affect past service of the concerned employee.

3) Those who do not respond to the Show Cause will be liable for disciplinary action.

4) All actions in terms of this order should be completed by 31st March, 2012.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Secretary, Finance Department

No. 2013-F dated 06.03.2012, Source

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