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Upgradation of 86 High Schools to H.S. Level

Provisional recognition for up-gradation of 86 High Schools to Higher Secondary Level during the academic session of 2012 Published by the Deptt. of School Education.

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department
(Secondary Branch)
Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kol- 91.

No. 2140-SE(HS)/3S- 06/11, Date: 26.06.2012

From: Shri T.K Adhikary, WBCS (Executive),
Joint Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

To: The Secretary,
West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education,
Vidyasagar Bhavan, 9/2, Block — DJ, Sector — II,
Salt Lake, Kolkata — 700 091.

Sub: Provisional recognition for up-gradation of 86 (Eighty six) High Schools to Higher Secondary Level during the academic session of 2012.


I am directed to refer to the above-noted subject and to say that the State Government in the School Education Department, hereby recommends provisional recognition for up-gradation of 86 (Eighty six) High Schools to Higher Secondary Level to introduce Higher Secondary level General Stream Courses for the academic session of 2012 as per list of schools detailed in Annexure – A enclosed.

The schools which have been inspected for Science/Lab based subjects and recommended must open Science classes. Similarly, other schools inspected and recommended are also to open Science subjects in H.S. Section along with Commerce and Arts subjects.

Each up-graded school will be provided additional teaching posts not exceeding 03(three) nos. per school, sanction of which will be issued on receipt of the specific subject-wise proposals from the Council.

Necessary measures for provisional recognition for up-gradation of the said schools may please be taken at the earliest under intimation to this Department.

The matter is extremely urgent.

Enclo: Annexure – A with 84 (Eighty four) DLIT reports in original.

Yours faithfully,
Sd/- Joint Secretary

Annexure-A to the Memo No. 2140-SE(HS)/3S-06/11. Dt. 26/06/2012

Sl. no. District Name & Address of The School
1 Purba Medinipur Abasberia Adarsha Vidyapith (Co-ed)
2 Do Baijapur Gour Mohan High School (Co-ed)
3 Do Atabati Annapurna Vidyamandir (Co-ed)
4 Do Dakshin Hatgechia Pandab Basan Kanailal Vidyamandir (Co-ed)
5 Do Lakshya Girls’ High School (Girls’)
6 Do Mustafapur Jasoda Satsanga Vidyapith (Co-ed)
7 Do Uttar-Bhagwanpur Nabarun Vidyapith(High) (Co-ed)
8 Do Moyna Balika Vidyalaya (Girls”)
9 Do Thekuachak Chhatri Siksha Niketan (Girls’)
10 Do Dubai Rasiknagar Vivekananda Vidyayatan
11 Purulia Bagda Shankaracharya Mission Vidyapith (Co-ed) (unaided)
12 Do Nutangram High School (Co-ed)
13 Do Gagnabad High School (Co-ed)
14 Do Mahara High School (Co-ed)
15 Do Bongabari Girls’ High School (Co-ed)
16 Do Ramchandrapur S.S.B.K. Bidyapith (Co-ed)
17 Do Bhowridih High School (Co-ed)
18 Do Bhagabandh High School, (Co-ed) Block-Para
19 Do Tetulhiti High School,(Co-ed) Block-Para
20 Paschim Medinipur Asanda Sikshaniketan (Co-ed)
21 Do Ghoshkira High School (Co-ed)
22 Do Kaliapara Ramkrishna Vidya-Bhaban (Co-ed)
23 Do Satsole K.M. High School (Co-ed)
24 Do Raghunathpur Saroj Mohan Smriti Vidyalaya (Co-ed)
25 Do Jalchak Balika Vidyalaya (Girls’)
26 Do Koriasole High School (Co-ed))
27 Do Paparara High School (Co-ed)
28 Do Muksudpur High School (Co-ed)
29 Do Nirmal Hriday Ashram Girls’ High School (Girls’)
30 Do Purunda Ramkrishna Siksha Sadan (Co-ed)
31 Do Rampur Manua K.K.I.R.R. Institution (Co-ed)
32 Nadia Vivekananda Vidya Bhavan (Boys’)
33 Do Ichapur Adibasi High School (Co-ed)
34 Do Dhopatta Haladhar Smriti Vidyaniketan (Co-ed)
35 Do Char Chuadanga High School (Co-ed)
36 Do Bhowanipur Sukanta Vidyaniketan (Co-ed)
37 Do Dharmada K.K. High School (Co-ed)
38 Do Dharmada Sushiabala Hindu Girls High School (Co-ed)
39 Howrah Khajri Tripurapur High School (Co-ed)
40 Do Anulia Mahamaya Vidyamandir Girls’ High School (Girls’)
41 Do Prasastha Durlav Chandra Saha Vidyapith (Co-ed)
42 Do Nibra High School (Co-ed)
43 Do Baradabar Lenin Vidyapith (Co-ed)
44 Do Asharia Iswaripur High School (Co-ed)
45 Do Nonakundu Mahadev Vidyamandir High School (Co-ed)
46 Do Dharsa Azad Sikshayatan (Co-ed)
47 Dakshin Dinajpur Bajitpur High School (Co-ed)
48 Do Ramchandrapur High School (Co-ed)
49 Hooghly Nirbhoypur B.G.N Sikshaniketan (Co-ed)
50 Do Gossain Malipara High School (Co-ed)
51 Do Bighati Kishori Mohan High School (Co-ed)
52 Do Purba Thakuranichak Rabindra Vidyatan High School (Co-ed)
53 Do Jamdara Sree Bharati Vidyapith (Co-ed)
54 Do Shyambazar Gopal Chandra Sen High School (Co-ed)
55 Do Baligori Adharmoni Dutta Bidyamandir (Co-ed)
56 Do Joyrampur Netaji High School (Co-ed)
57 Do Dharkundu Sree Ramkrishna High School (Co-ed)
58 Do Sheoraphuli Vivekananda High School
59 Murshidabad Karaiya High School (Co-ed)
60 Do Rameswarpur High School (Co-ed)
61 Birbhum Showgram Panchpara High School (Co-ed)
62 Do Ganra Paduma High School, (Co-ed) Block-Dubrajpur
63 Do Banrui Union Amjad High School, (Co-ed)
64 Do Mohula Velian High School. (Co-ed)
65 Do Banior A.K. High School, (Co-ed)
66 Do Kuniara Sarat nalini High School (Co-ed)
67 Do Siur Rameswari Mata High School (Co-ed)
68 Do Turigram Haripada High School (Co-ed) Mayureswar-ll
69 Burdwan Huria Public High School, (Co-ed)
70 Do Kaligram High School, (Co-ed)
71 Do Piplan Sri Arabinda Vidyamandir (Co-ed)
72 Do Begut Jahnabi High School, (Co-ed)
73 Do Senerdanga Ramkrishna Vidyamandir, (Co-ed)
74 Do Kankuna Deshbandhu High School, (Co-ed)
75 Do Old Egra High School, (Co-ed)
76 Do Basuda Sri Sri R.K. Vidyapith, (Co-ed)
77 Do Rajna Churpuni Amla Vidyapith, (Co-ed)
78 Do Panuhat Rajmahishi Debi High School, (Co-ed)
79 Do Bhiringi Girls’ High School, (Girls’)
80 Do Gonna Serandi High School, (Co-ed)
81 Do Durgapur Rai Rani Debi Girls’ High School, (Girls’)
82 Do Asansol Gurunanak Mission High School, (Co-ed)
83 Do Badla Girls’ High School, (Girls’)
84 Do Rathtala Manohar Das Balika Vidyalaya, (Girls’)
85 Do Srikhanda High School,
86 Cooch Behar Brisaketu Dharmeswari Girls’ High School (Co-ed)

No. 2140-SE dated 26.06.2012