Upgradation of 100 High Schools to Higher Secondary Level

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department
(Secondary Branch)
Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kol – 91.

No. 1023-SE(HS)/3S-06/11, dated 28.05.2012

From: N.N. Dutta WBCS (Executive), Joint Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

To: The Secretary, West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, “Vidyasagar Bhavan”, 9/2, Block – D-J, Sector – II, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091.

Sub: Provisional recognition for up-gradation of 100 (one hundred) High Schools to Higher Secondary Level during the academic session of 2012.


I am directed to refer to the above-noted subject and to say that the State Government in the School Education Department, hereby recommends provisional recognition for up-gradation of 100 (one hundred) High Schools to Higher Secondary Level to introduce Higher Secondary level General Stream Courses for the academic session of 2012 as per list of schools detailed in Annexure – A enclosed.

The schools which have been inspected for Science/Lab based subjects and recommended must open Science classes. Similarly, other schools inspected and recommended are also to open Science subjects in H.S. Section along with Commerce and Arts subjects.

Each up-graded school will be provided additional teaching posts not exceeding 03(three) nos. per school, sanction of which will be issued on receipt of the specific subject-wise proposals from the Council.
Necessary measures for provisional recognition for up-gradation of the said schools may please be taken at the earliest under intimation to this Department.

The matter is extremely urgent.

Enclo: Annexure – A with 97 (ninety seven)
DLIT reports in original (Sl. no-1 to 97)

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- Joint Secretary

Sl No.DistrictName and Address of Schools
1DarjeelingHoly Cross Girls’ High School (Girls’)
2DarjeelingDhajia High School (Co-ed)
3DarjeelingBetten High School ((Co-ed)
4PuruliaArjunjora High School (Co-ed)
5PuruliaDandudih S.N. High School (Co-ed)
6PuruliaBagda Chandra Kanta Vidyapith (Co-ed)
7Purba MedinipurHarinaryan Chak Vidyamandir (Co-ed)
8Purba MedinipurHaur Nivedita Girls’ High School (Girls’)
9Purba MedinipurGhole Pukuria Joy Kali High School (Co-ed)
10Purba MedinipurReapara Adarsha Vidyapith (Co-ed)
11Purba MedinipurAnantapur Deshpran Jatiya Vidyamandir (Co-ed)
12Purba MedinipurIchchapur Panchagrami High School (Co-ed)
13Purba MedinipurGhasipur Vivekananda Vidyamandir (Co-ed)
14Purba MedinipurHarijhama High School (Co-ed)
15Uttar DinajpurSolpara High School (Co-ed)
16Uttar DinajpurKichaktola High School (Co-ed)
17Uttar DinajpurBhendabari high School, (Co-ed)
18Uttar DinajpurMatikunda High School (Co-ed)
19Uttar DinajpurDharampur High School (co-ed)
20Uttar DinajpurBirgram High School (co-ed)
21NadiaShikarpur Vivekananda High School for Girls’
22NadiaDighalgram Netaji vidyapith High School (Co-ed)
23NadiaHijuli Sikshaniketan (Co-ed)
24NadiaSalua Academy (Co-ed)
25NadiaSakdah High School (Co-ed)
26NadiaQeen’s Girls’ High School (girls’)
27NadiaArbandi Netaji Vidyapith (Co-ed)
28NadiaKamari High School (Co-ed)
29NadiaRamtanu Lahiri Smriti High School (Co-ed)
30NadiaAnishmali United Academy (co-ed)
31NadiaByaspur High School (Co-ed)
32NadiaChitrasali Vidyaniketan High School (Co-ed)
33NadiaGonsaidas Paul Academy (Co-ed)
34NadiaDubra Kalipada Vidyamandir (co-ed)
35NadiaNazirpur Sarada Balika Vidyalaya (Co-ed)
36MurshidabadJhilli High School (co-ed)
37MurshidabadBalipara High School (Co-ed)
38MurshidabadBali Gandhi Memorial High School (Co-ed)
39MurshidabadRaipur High School (Co-ed)
40BurdwanMohanpur Nawhati S.R.S. Vidyalaya
41BurdwanNarsamuda Janakalyan Janakalyan High School (Co-ed)
42BurdwanBoringdanga High School (Co-ed)
43BurdwanSukur H.P. Institution (Co-ed)
44BurdwanBohar Girls’ High School (Co-ed)
45BurdwanKhatundi High School (co-ed)
46BurdwanNabastha High School (Co-ed)
47BurdwanPratappur-Kalikapur Tapaban Vidyapith (Co-ed)
48Paschim MedinipurChhay Hazari High School (Co-ed)
49Paschim MedinipurMadansole Netaji High School (Co-ed)
50Paschim MedinipurBaghuasole Junsola Neheru Vidyapith (co-ed)
51Paschim MedinipurDhadangri High School (Co-ed)
52Paschim MedinipurSri Sri Ramkrishna Vidyamandir (Co-ed)
53Paschim MedinipurPaikambi Nigamananda High School (Co-ed)
54Paschim MedinipurKushmarh Tentulia High School (Co-ed)
55Paschim MedinipurPadima Janakalyan Banipith (Co-ed)
56Paschim MedinipurBaldi Nigamananda High School (Co-ed)
57Paschim MedinipurBarunsole Benarasilal High School (Co-ed)
58Paschim MedinipurKanimohuli High School (Co-ed)
59Paschim MedinipurBelda High School (Co-ed)
60Paschim MedinipurTulibarh Karmi Soren High School (co-ed)
61Paschim MedinipurJamboni Bani Vidyapith (Co-ed)
62Paschim MedinipurBirihandi Vidyapith (Co-ed)
63Paschim MedinipurSevayatan Balika Vidyalaya (Girls’)
64Paschim MedinipurPetbindhi Janakalyan Vidyapith (Co-ed)
65Paschim MedinipurGajashimul K.C.M. High School (Co-ed)
66Paschim MedinipurMuraboni Netaji High School (Co-ed)
67Paschim MedinipurBanpukhuria Ahladi High School (Co-ed)
68Paschim MedinipurMurar Ashutosh High School (Co-ed)
69Paschim MedinipurBhelaidiha S.C. and Tribes High School (Co-ed)
70Paschim MedinipurAulia High School (Co-ed)
71Paschim MedinipurJoypur High School (Co-ed)
72Paschim MedinipurDiasi High School (Co-ed)
73Paschim MedinipurKhamar Netaji Vidyapith (Co-ed)
74Paschim MedinipurOdal Chua S.T. High School (Co-ed)
75Paschim MedinipurBamundiha High School (Co-ed)
76Paschim MedinipurKodapura Adibasi Mission High School (Co-ed)
77Paschim MedinipurMurari S.C. High School (Co-ed)
78Paschim MedinipurBachhur Khoard S.C. High School (Co-ed)
79Paschim MedinipurNekrasole High School (Co-ed)
80Paschim MedinipurChamabandh Adibasi High School (Co-ed)
81Paschim MedinipurSalgadia Scheduled Academy (Co-ed)
82Paschim MedinipurKhudmorai Gajendra Sikshasadan (Co-ed)
83Paschim MedinipurGahaldihi High School (Co-ed)
84Paschim MedinipurDhangbahara S.B. High School (Co-ed)
85Paschim MedinipurSitanathpur Sukanta Smriti High School (Co-ed)
86Paschim MedinipurDebagram Mahadeb High School (Co-ed)
87Paschim MedinipurBhangaband High School (Co-ed)
88Paschim MedinipurKalaboti Peruabad High School, Garbeta-ll
89Paschim MedinipurTalbandhi Lalbahadur Shastri S. Niketan, Garbeta-ll
90Paschim MedinipurKantore Mahadeb High School, Garbeta-ll
91Paschim MedinipurChhotonagdona Adibasi High School, Garbeta-ll
92Paschim MedinipurAgarbandh High School, Garbeta-ll
93Paschim MedinipurErlamaraRatanmoni High School, Garbeta-ll
94Paschim MedinipurBulanpur High School, Garbeta-ll
95Paschim MedinipurPingboni High School, Garbeta-ll
96Paschim MedinipurKeyamacha High School, Garbeta-ll
97Paschim MedinipurHarimara Konarpur High School, Garbeta-ll
98PuruliaSimchaka High School
99PuruliaBijoydih High School
100Paschim MedinipurDhumsai Vidyabharati S.C. High School

No. 1023-SE dated 28.05.2012

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