West Bengal Fire Services Act, 1950 with all Amendments

West Bengal Fire Services Act, 1950 with all amendments.


1. Short title, extent and commencement.
2. Definitions.

Fire Brigade.

3. Maintenance, constitution, etc., of fire brigade.
3A. Auxiliary fire brigade.
3AA. Fire prevention wing.
3B. Powers of members of auxiliary fire brigade.
4. Power of State Government to make orders with respect to the fire brigade.
4A. Fees payable for extinguishing fire in areas where the Act is not in force.
4B. (Omitted)
4C. (Omitted.)
5. Powers exercisable on the occasion of a fire.
5A. Local authority or other agency to secure supply of water,
5B. Person or authority to provide all assistance to deal with fire and rescue service.
5C. All vehicles to give way to fire brigade vehicles, etc. proceeding to a fire.
5D. Penalty for malicious call to summon fire brigade.
5E. Penalty for causing obstruction to fire brigade to draw water for fire-fighting purposes.
6. Police-officers to aid the fire brigade in execution of its duties.
7. Non-liability of police-officer, etc., to damages.
8. Enquiry into origin of fire and report to Magistrate.

Fire-works, etc.

9. License for letting off rockets, etc.
10. Who may grant license; fee for license.
11. Power to withdraw or suspend license.

Fire Prevention and Fire Safety.

11A. General public to take preventive measures for safety from fire etc.
11B. Owner or occupier or building to make or carry out arrangements necessary for fire prevention etc.
11C. Owner or occupier of high-risk building to provide fire prevention and fire safety measures.
11D. ‘No objection’ required under any other law.
11E. Special fee.
11F. Grant of license to act as licensed agency.
11G. Bar to carry out work of providing fire prevention etc.
11H. Bar to compromise fire safety.
11I. Appeal against order of Director.
11J. Penalty for contravention of provisions of Chapter IIIA,
11K. Penally for furnishing false ‘Fire Safety Certificate’.

Licensed Warehouses or Workshops.

12. Bar to use of premises for storing or processing hazardous substances without license.
13. Premises to conform to prescribed conditions.
14. Issue of license.
15. License of new warehouse or workshop.
16. Period for disposal of application for license.
17. (Omitted.)
18. Annual fee.
19. Change in occupation of warehouse or workshop to be notified.
20. Suspension or withdrawal of license.
21. (Omitted.)
22. Delegation of powers by Collector.
23. Power of State Government to direct delegation of powers


23A. Temporary structures and pandals.


23B. Dismantling or temporary structure or pandal.
23C. Penally for not giving way to fire brigade vehicles.
24. Penalty for letting off rockets, etc.
25. Penally on householders for allowing rockets, etc., to let off without license.
26. Penally for not taking out a license for a warehouse or workshop.
27. Penalty for using warehouse or workshop after refusal, etc., of license.
28. Penalty for breach of conditions.
29. Penalty for failing to notify change in occupation of warehouse.
30. (Omitted.)
31. (Omitted.)
32. Owner or occupier of building or premises to compensate person affected by fire.
33. Offences by companies.
33A. Penalty for erecting structures, etc., in contravention of section 23A.
33B. Penally for obstructing persons exercising powers under section 37A.
33C. Offences-bailable and cognizable.


34. Inspection of building or premises.
35. Issue of notice to owner or occupier to undertake fire prevention and fire safety measures.
36. Compliance with notice issued under section 35.
37. Recovery of fees.
37A. Director or superior nominated authority to seal building.
37AA. Power of the Director to remove inflammable chemicals or articles.
37B. Power of Collector to call for information relating to
38. Appeal against order under section 35, section 36 or section 37.
38A. Court not to entertain any suit, application or other proceeding.
38B. Compounding of offences.
38C. Court not to take cognizance of offence except on complaint.
38D. Protection of action taken in good faith.
38E. Officers and other employees to be public servants.
39. Repeal of Bengal Act I of 1893.
40. Power to make rules.
41. Regulation to be approved by State Government.
42. Act to have overriding effect.


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