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Fire & Emergency Services

West Bengal Fire & Emergency Services plays an important role in the area of fire fighting and rescue of lives and saving properties from the ravages of fire, house collapse, accidents, cyclones, floods, and other natural & man made disaster.

Strict Adherence to the Norms of Inspection before Issuing Fire License


The inspecting officers shall conduct thorough inspection in each and every case for issuance of Fire Safety Certificate and ensure compliance of all the conditions mentioned in the Fire Safety Recommendation.

Mandatory Time Limit for Issuance of Fire Safety Certificate

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Time limits for providing the services of Fire Safety Recommendation, Revised Fire Safety Recommendation, Fire Safety Certificate and Renewal of Fire Safety Certificate.

Stipulated Time Limit of various Services by Fire Department

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Governor is pleased to notify the services along with the stipulated time limit, the Designated Officers, the Appellate Officer and the Reviewing Officer under Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

NOC Fees to Fire and Emergency Services for High-Risk Building


Governor is pleased hereby to make, with immediate effect, the following amendments in the West Bengal Fire Services (Fire Prevention and Fire Safety) Rules, 2003.

Annual Fees for Using a Premises for Hazardous Substances


Rates of Annual Fees for Using a Premises for Storing and Processing of Hazardous Substances (Non-Chemicals/ Inflammable Chemical) and Special Items.

Issuance/ Renewal of various Fire Licenses using Web Portal


Governor is hereby pleased to introduce the use of the said web-based portal for online submission of application for issuance and renewal of various licenses and/ or NOCs under West Bengal Fire Services Act, 1950.

West Bengal Fire Services (Fire Licence) Rules, 2004

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The owner or the occupier of any premises intending to apply for a fire licence may make an application to a concerned licensed agency for obtaining a requisition for fire safety based on the plan of warehouse or workshop and layout designs of various fire protection systems as designed in the plan.

West Bengal Fire Services (Fire Prevention and Fire Safety) Rules, 2003

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Every licensed agency shall submit to the Director-General an undertaking in the form of affidavit sworn before a Notary or a Judicial /Executive Magistrate in the format specified in Form D, binding himself to abide by the code of conduct laid down in rule 13 of these rules, within 30 days.

Safety Measures for Cooking Mid-day-Meal in School


Guidelines issued on safety measures for the schools operating Mid-day Meal Scheme after discussion of the Principal Secretary, Department of Fire & Emergency Services and the Secretary, School Education Department.

West Bengal Fire Services Act, 1950 with all Amendments


West Bengal Fire Services Act is to provide for the maintenance of a fire brigade, for the licensing of warehouses and for certain other matters.