Judicial Circular

G.O. & Date Subject
Pen. 221 dt. 20.01.2011 Revision of Pension/family pension/ M.A./Domestic Help Allowance to the Judicial officer.
Pen. 169 dt. 29.11.2010 Grant of Relief or pension/family pension to the retired Judges.
7185-J dt. 01.11.2010 Enhancement of D.A. to the member of W.B. Judicial Service officers.
7014-J dt. 25.10.2010 Revision of pension/family pension, M.A/Domestic Help Allowance to the Judicial Officers.
7012-J dt. 25.10.2010 Revision of pension/family pension, Gratuity etc. of the Members of WB Judicial Service.
7010-J dt. 25.10.2010 Revision of Sumptuary/Medical Allowance/Judicial Officers.
440/JD dt. 08.07.2010 Implementation of revised Scale of Pay to the Judicial Officers.
Pen. 129 dt. 04.12.2009 D.R. @ 73% to the retired Judicial Officers.
7331-J dt. 04.11.2009 Enhancement of D.A. to the members of Judicial Service.
5144-J dt. 20.07.2009 Recruitment rules, promotion policies, qualifications, and traveling allowances etc. of Stenographer
431-J dt. 18.01.2008 Advance Increment for Post Graduate.
326-JL dt. 22.06.2007 West Bengal Judicial Service (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 2007
2539-J dt. 23.04.2007 Grant of encashment of leave and leave salary.
2442-J dt. 19.04.2007 Sanction of Composite Transfer Grant.
2393-J dt. 18.04.2007 Grant of Leave Travel Concession (LTC).
2392-J dt. 18.04.2007 Grant of Home travel concession.
833-J dt. 19.04.2007 Concurrent Charge Allowance.
834-J dt. 15.02.2007 Regarding use of Telephone.
820-J dt. 15.02.2007 Grant of sumptuary allowance.
6853-J dt. 20.11.2006 Regarding Water and electricity charges.
1503-J dt. 30.03.2006 Admissibility of fuel charges.
1332-J dt. 20.03.2006 Admissibility of Robe Allowance to the Judicial Officers.
1331-J dt. 20.03.2006 Supply of Newspaper/Magazine to the Judicial Officers.
1314-J dt. 17.03.2006 Domestic Help Allowance.
1313-J dt. 17.03.2006 Admissibility of medical facilities to the serving and retired Judicial Officers.
17141-J dt. 20.09.1995 Residential Accommodation.


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  1. leena chakraborty says

    Please let me know the govt circular of judicial department bearing no.14136-J dated:20.06.1992 in which it is stated that west bengal higher judicial services officers will be treated at par with AIS officers.

  2. Binod Prasad says

    Please let me know the govt circular regarding special rule in purview of calcutta gazette memo no 404 Edn (S) dated 19th March 1973 published on Notification No 1914- Edn(S) dated 10th November 1976