Judicial Department Notification

4950-F dt. 09.12.2022Online Revision of Pay of Officers of Judicial Service through HRMS
3129-J dt. 28.10.2022ROPA of the Officers of the Judicial Service of West Bengal
3309-GS dt. 10.12.2021Holiday List observed by West Bengal Judicial Academy during 2022
4329-RG dt. 03.12.2020Holiday List observed by West Bengal Judicial Academy during 2021
03-G dt. 03.01.2013Calcutta High Court Service (Conditions of Service and Recruitment of Court Manager) Rules, 2012
895-J dt. 20.07.2012Advance Increment for Common Category Post in Sub-Ordinate Courts
892-J dt. 20.07.2012Compensatory Allowance to Court Staff deputed at Lok Adalat
891-J dt. 20.07.2012Special allowance to Sub-Ordinate Court Staff working in Record room
1123-L dt. 01.08.2012West Bengal Escheats and Forfeitures Act, 2012
566-L dt. 25.04.2012West Bengal Advocates Welfare Corporation Act, 2012
Pen. 221 dt. 20.01.2011Revision of Pension/family pension/ M.A./ Domestic Help Allowance to Judicial officer
Pen. 169 dt. 29.11.2010Grant of Relief or pension/family pension to the retired Judges
7185-J dt. 01.11.2010Enhancement of D.A. to the member of W.B. Judicial Service officers
7014-J dt. 25.10.2010Revision of pension/ family pension, M.A/ Domestic Help Allowance to Judicial Officers
7012-J dt. 25.10.2010Revision of pension/family pension, Gratuity etc. of the Members of WB Judicial Service
7010-J dt. 25.10.2010Revision of Sumptuary/ Medical Allowance/Judicial Officers
440/JD dt. 08.07.2010Implementation of revised Scale of Pay to the Judicial Officers
Pen. 129 dt. 04.12.2009Dearness Relief @ 73% to the retired Judicial Officers
7331-J dt. 04.11.2009Enhancement of D.A. to the members of Judicial Service
5144-J dt. 20.07.2009Recruitment rules, promotion policies, traveling allowances etc. of Stenographer
5143-J dt. 20.07.2009Pay and Allowances and T.A. etc. of Sub-Ordinate Court Staffs
5142-J dt. 20.07.2009Regarding Bench Clerk/ Reader/ Bench Assistant/ Peshkar
5140-J dt. 20.07.2009Recruitment Rules, Qualifications, etc. of Process Server
431-J dt. 18.01.2008Advance Increment for Post Graduate
6763-J dt. 28.11.2007Encashment of Leave of Retired Judicial Officers
326-JL dt. 22.06.2007West Bengal Judicial Service (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 2007
2539-J dt. 23.04.2007Grant of Encashment of Leave and Leave Salary
2442-J dt. 19.04.2007Sanction of Composite Transfer Grant
2393-J dt. 18.04.2007Grant of Leave Travel Concession (LTC)
2392-J dt. 18.04.2007Grant of Home travel concession
833-J dt. 19.04.2007Concurrent Charge Allowance
834-J dt. 15.02.2007Regarding use of Telephone
820-J dt. 15.02.2007Grant of Sumptuary allowance
7213-J dt. 08.12.2006Reimbursement of Water and Electricity Charges to Judicial Officers
6853-J dt. 20.11.2006Regarding Water and electricity charges
1503-J dt. 30.03.2006Admissibility of fuel charges
1332-J dt. 20.03.2006Admissibility of Robe Allowance to the Judicial Officers
1331-J dt. 20.03.2006Supply of Newspaper/ Magazine to the Judicial Officers
1314-J dt. 17.03.2006Domestic Help Allowance
1313-J dt. 17.03.2006Admissibility of medical facilities to the serving and retired Judicial Officers
262-JL dt. 28.09.2004West Bengal Judicial (Conditions of Service) Rules, 2004
575-L dt. 31.03.2003WBCS (Judicial) and West Bengal Higher Judicial Service (ROPA) Act, 2003
215-JL dt. 28.05.2002Hindu Marriage Registration Rules, 1958 – Amendments
17141-J dt. 20.09.1995Residential Accommodation
8598-J dt. 30.03.1981WB Complainants and Witnesses (Diet Allowance, Conveyance Charge) Rules, 1981

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