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The functions of the Finance Department are performed through 5 (five) branches, namely, Audit, Budget, Revenue, Internal Audit and Institutional Finance. Tabular View

Discontinuation of Issuance of Cheque by Treasuries/ PAOs

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Discontinuation of issuance of cheque from different deposit accounts for depositing the General Provident Fund/ Provident Fund subscription in the Treasury Linked Bank.

New TR Form No. 73 for Drawal of various Allowances

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Introduction of new TR Form No. 73 for Drawal of various allowances etc which are not drawn through regular Pay Bills.

Last Date for Filling/ Recording Comments in SAR, 2018-19

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SAR Nodal Officers are requested to complete the process of tagging of concerned Group-A Officers immediately and approve the chain of SAR flow in the System so that the SAR may be submitted by all Group-A Officers to their respective Reporting Officers within 30th June, 2019.

Schematic Bank Account Management System in IFMS


Governor is pleased to introduce “Schematic Bank Account Management System” (SBMS) Module in IFMS for management of Bank Accounts operations in connection with schematic funds disbursed through those Bank Accounts for different Schemes.

DPPG,WB will Credit Interest into GPF of Gr. D Employees

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DPPG,WB will generate the Interest Transfer Credit Bill in TR Form No. 43 within the 10th of every month for the subscriber whose Final Payment of GPF has been drawn during the preceding month on the basis of Final Payment Authority of GPF issued from DPPG.

Implementation of Cheque Truncation System (CTS)

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Cheque Truncation System of movement of digital images of the cheques from the link Banks to the PAOs/Treasuries for accounting of the same and from the PAOs/Treasuries to the Office of the Accountant General along with monthly accounts.

Station Leave Permission before Commencement of Journey


Station Leave Permission will not be entertained unless the application for the same is received at least 7 (seven) clear working days prior to the date of commencement of the journey.

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