Implementation of New CTS-2010 Cheques w.e.f. 01.09.2022

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch
Howrah- 711102
(File No. 592044)

No. 3448-F(Y) Date: 23.08.2022


With successful implementation of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) almost all the State Government payments are done through online mode (DBT using NEFT/ ECS). However, payment through “CTS-2010” Cheques are allowed in pursuance with Finance Department’s Memo No. 4525-F(Y) Dated 10th June, 2015 under some exceptional circumstances.

State Government has been considering a complete shift to the digitized cheque clearing system (Cheque Truncation System) for some time past. The “Cheque Truncation System” for digital movement of images of the Cheques have already been implemented phase wise in all Treasuries/ PAOs except Khatra and Egra Treasuries linked with Punjab National Bank.

Moreover, there is no provision presently in IFMS to provide system generated future cheque date on Treasury Cheques in case where the cheques are meant to be encashed on a future date.

Now, in order to make a complete shift over to the digitized cheque clearing system the Governor is pleased to declare the following:

a) In continuation of Finance Department Memo No. 2479-F(Y) Dated 24th April, 2019, 3450-F(Y) Dated 8th December, 2020 & 3501-F(Y) Dated 17th November, 2021 compulsory implementation of “Cheque Truncation system” will be extended to Khatra and Egra Treasuries linked with Punjab National Bank from 1st September 2022. Appropriate arrangement as specified in Memo No. 2479-F(Y) Dated 24th April, 2019 and subsequent orders/ circulars etc of the Finance Department pertinent to implementing the system in Khatra and Egra Treasuries will remain the same.

b) New “CTS 2010” cheques, with security features required for digital clearance, will be printed by the Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts, West Bengal and the existing cheques available with the PAO/ Treasuries and the Deposit Account operators would be replaced by the new “CTS 2010” cheques. The new CTS 2010 Treasury and Deposit Account cheques will be mandatorily issued from 1st September, 2022. All PAO/ Treasuries will collect the new CTS 2010 cheques following the instructions of the Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts WB.

All existing CTS 2010 Treasury cheques will be kept in safe custody by the concerned Pay & Accounts officer/ Treasury officer and it should be ensured that no such cheques are issued on and after 1st September 2022. The operators of Deposit Accounts will collect new CTS 2010 cheque books (20 cheques per book) from their respective PAO/ Treasuries and return all existing unused old CTS 2010 cheques to their respective PAO/ Treasuries by 31st August 2022. The PAO/ Treasury officers should keep a record and ensure safe custody of all the old CTS 2010 cheques (Treasury & Deposit a/c cheques) pertaining to their PAO/ Treasury till further instruction from DTA WB.

The old CTS 2010 cheques already printed/ delivered/ issued/ enfaced but not en-cashed till 31.08.2022, shall be en-cashed up to 90 days from the cheque issue date or till 28th November, 2022 whichever is earlier.

The existing old Cheque numbers shall not be available in IFMS for printing/ issuance/ enfacement w.e.f. 01.09.2022. Only Debit Scroll entry of the old CTS 2010 cheques shall be available in IFMS upto 90 days from the cheque issuing date or 28.11.2022, whichever is earlier.

In case of already printed but undelivered Treasury Cheques & enfaced Deposit Account Cheques (where Cheque date is prior to 01.09.2022), the delivery/ enfacement of the cheques may be completed as usual. However such cheques should be en-cashed within 90 days from the cheque issuing date or 28.11.2022, whichever is earlier.

Cheques issued on or prior to 31.08.2022, if required to be cancelled and revalidated then such revalidated cheques should be printed only on the new CTS 2010 Cheques from 01.09.2022.

All the fields of the Treasury Cheques shall be printed from IFMS only, except the signature of TO/ ATO/ PAO/ APAO. Manual correction if done on the cheques may not be accepted by the banks at the time of encashment of the Cheque.

c) Any Treasury cheque issued on a particular date with the intent to get the same en-cashed on or after a certain future date will now be printed with the future date from which the instalment will be en-cashable. The validity of the cheques will be counted from the future date to be printed on the cheques. Only the cheques of a particular F.Y. to be re issued between April to June of the following F.Y. will be stamped by the Treasury as “Not payable after 30th June—/—/—”. A detailed guideline will be available in the IFMS Portal.

The concerned provisions of the WBTR 2005 will stand modified accordingly.

Additional Chief Secretary
Government of West Bengal

No. 3448-F dated 23.08.2022, Source

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