Transfer of EMD to Security Deposit Head Account

Finance [Audit] Department
“NABANNA” 10th floor
Mandirtala, Howrah – 711 102

No. 5688-F(Y) Dated, Howrah the 3rd November, 2016.


Sub: Procedure for Transfer of EMD received online through the e-tender portal to the Security Deposit Head of Account maintained at the Treasury/PAO.

Finance Department vide G.O. No. 3975-F(Y) dated 28.08.2016 has detailed the procedure of accounting of EMD money of the successful bidders through e-Tender portal of the Government of West Bengal. But after abolition of LOC system Security Deposit Account of the Works/Forest Departments is maintained at the treasuries vide G.O. No. 3292-F(Y) dated 24.04.2015. Now the question arises as how the EMD money shall be transferred to the Security Deposit Account maintained at the treasury and how the refund shall be made to the contractors/suppliers on successful completion of the intended work. The matter was under active consideration of the Government for sometime time past and the Governor is pleased to prescribe the following procedure for the same.

1) The Departmental Officer of the department inviting tender shall submit the bill through the regular DDO of the establishment for transfer of fund into Security Deposit Account maintained at the Treasury/PAO. The sanction order for such shall be made by the Departmental Officer in whose favour deposit was made.

2) The bill shall be submitted at the Treasury/PAO where the Security Deposit Account exists and through the regular DDO already transacting business with the Treasury/PAO in TR Form No. 42 through e-Billing module of IFMS under the Head of Account ‘8443-00-103-001-23’ for transfer of fund to the Security Deposit Account (Under head of account ‘8443-00-108-004-07-Works Security Deposit or ‘8443-00109-003-07-Forest Security Deposit’) following the procedure detailed in G.O. No. 1611-F(Y) dated 18.03.2016.

3) DDO shall ensure the Operator Code and Scheme ID assigned by the Treasury/PAO while preparing the transfer bill through e-Billing module.

4) After successful completion of the work, DDO shall prepare the refund of Security Deposit Bill in TR Form No. 70C through e-Billing module of IFMS under the Head of Account ‘8443-00-108-004-23-Works Security Deposit’ or ‘8443-00-109-003-23-Forest Security Deposit’, as the case may be, following the usual procedure.

5) In case after transferring the fund from EMD account head to Security Deposit Account, any amount of Security Deposit or part thereof is required to be forfeited due to terms of the tender of any other reasons, such may be transferred to the appropriate revenue head of the government in TR Form No. 70C accompanied by TR-7A challan through e-Billing module of IFMS.

6) Payment from the head of EMD and receipt into the Security Deposit Account shall be reflected in the Plus-Minus Memo of the concerned Treasury/PAO accordingly.

Sd/- P. A. Siddiqui
Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 5688-F dated 03.11.2016, Source

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