Engagement of Organisations for Preparing DPR

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 2656-F(Y) Dated: 21.05.2014


Finance Department has delegated the powers for release of fund, project approval, and reimbursement of fund from NABARD etc., for RIDF projects to the departmental authority of the administrative departments of the State Government.

2. In order to provide the departments with necessary knowledge base required for the purpose of project formulation and preparation of DPR etc., a guideline was issued for engagement of consultants and financial power for incurring expenditure upto Rs. 10 lakh towards consultancy fee per consultant has been delegated to the Departmental Secretary vide FD memo no. 8385-F(Y) dt. 22.11.2013.

3. The engagement of State and Central PSU’s/ Organisations for detailed technical survey as well as preparation of Detailed Project Reports including design, plan and detailed cost estimates, etc., for, inter alia, RIDF projects has been engaging the attention of the State Government for some time past in the interest of fast-tracking of the preliminary jobs before undertaking actual project execution.

4. Now, therefore, it is clarified that the Government departments initiating RIDF projects may engage the state and central PSU’s/ Organisations enumerated in Annexure ‘C’ and Annexure ‘D’ of Rule 47D of WBFR for the purpose of detailed technical survey, preparation of DPR which includes preparation of design, plan and detailed cost estimates, etc., for the project against fees to be decided by the departmental Secretary of the administrative department initiating the project depending upon its complexity; but the fee should not exceed 0.5% of the RIDF loan eventually sanctioned by NABARD. The detailed project cost estimates prepared by the PSU’s/ Government organisations as per the latest SOR of the Public Works Department should be vetted either by the Chief Engineer of the Engineering wing of the Administrative Department, or the senior-most engineer of the agency undertaking the work. The Chief Engineer of the Administrative Department/ agency shall have to give certificate to the effect that the estimate has been prepared as per the latest PWD SOR. The Certificate should be countersigned by the Departmental Financial Advisor. The PSU/ Government organisation doing the detailed technical survey and preparing the DPR should not execute the works. Contractors for execution of the work should be selected through the open tender process as enjoined in West Bengal Financial Rules.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 2656-F dated 21.05.2014

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