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West Bengal Financial Rules

Finance. .

West Bengal Financial Rules is divided into twelve chapters which covers the following in detail. The whole document can be downloaded also from the Link given below.

Chapter-01: Introductory and Definitions

Chapter-02: General System of Financial Management and Control

Chapter-03: Section of Establishment

Chapter-04: Contingencies

Chapter-05: Miscellaneous Charges

Chapter-06: Stores

Section I – General Rules

Section II – Stock Accounts

Section III – Special Rules for the Departments of Works and Buildings and Irrigation and Waterways.

Chapter-07: Works

Section I – Works Executed By Civil Officers

Section II – Special Rules for the Forests Department

Section III – Special Rules for the Departments of Works and Buildings and Irrigation and Waterways

Section IV – Public Buildings

Chapter-08: Loans and Advances

I- Introductory

II.-General Rules

III.-Loans and Advances to Government Servants

Chapter-09: Budget

Section I – General

Section II – Instructions for the Preparation of Revised and Budget Estimates Relating to Heads Other Than Public Works and Irrigation

Section III – Special Rules for the Preparation of Budget Estimates for Public Works and Irrigation Department Expenditure.

Section IV – Assistance Rendered By the Accountant-General
Section V – Estimates of Receipts and Charges In England
Section VI – Estimates of Stores to Be Indented From the United Kingdom
Section VII – Supplementary Estimates
Section VIII -Authorization of Expenditure in Anticipation of Budget Provision
Section IX – Central (Agency) Budgets
Section X – Grant and Its Distribution
Section XI – Re-appropriation
Section XII – Expenditure Not Provided for
Section XIII – Watching of Actuals
Section XIV – Application for Sanction to Expenditure
Section XV – General Rules for Payment against Grants
Section XVI – Avoidance of Rush of Expenditure towards the Close of Financial Year

Chapter-10: Power of Sanction

Chapter-11: Service, Provident and Other Funds

Chapter-12: Local Funds


Model Form of Warranty Clause

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