Guideline for Preparedness on H1N1 Influenza in Govt Sector

Directorate of Health services
GN 29, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700 091

Memo No. HF/SPSRC/42/2013/45, Dated – the 18th April 2013


1 – 25) CMOH of all districts (including health districts)
26 – 37) MSVP of all Medical Colleges.

Three confirmed cases of Influenza A H1N1 is reported in the state in last 10 days. As a part of preparedness the undersigned has issued a letter on 08/04/13. Now a comprehensive guideline is forwarded for your ready reference.

A report on action taken is to be sent to the undersigned with a copy to Addl DHS (PH&CD).

Enclosure -Guideline for preparedness on H1N1 influenza in govt sector.

Director of Health services &
Ex Officio Secretary, West Bengal

Guideline for preparedness on H1N1 influenza in govt sector


At present there is no need to start separate influenza OPD for screening of patients. The screening is to be done at general OPD till further direction.

Patient who need to undergo swab collection

a) Age 60 years
c) Pregnancy
d) Patient having other co morbidity like lung disease, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, blood disorder, diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS.
e) Patient on long term steroid therapy.

Breathing difficulty
Chest pain
Low pressure

Throat & Nasopharyngeal swab collection

Transportation of sample, laboratory testing and reporting

No sample is to be sent directly to NICED, Kolkata.

All samples from periphery are to be sent to ID&BG hospital (Sister in charge, IB-6, 2nd floor isolation ward)

Procurement of drugs, logistics & transport media

Drug & logistics

VTM collection


Categorization of patients.

Category A:

Category B:

Category C:

Treatment protocol

Oseltamivir therapy

Doses (based on body weight):

For infants:


Preventive measures

Isolation ward

Guideline for using protective equipments (may change as per situation):

Critical care support

ID&BG hospital will provide critical care support to H1N1 patients for both adult and child.

No. HF/SPSRC/42 dated 18.04.2013, Source


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