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Guidelines for Observation of Students’ Week from 02.01.2023 to 07.01.2023

Higher Education. .

Government of West Bengal
Department of Higher Education
Bikash Bhavan, 6th Floor, Bidhannagar, Kolkata – 700091

Memo No. 238-SSE/2022 Date: 27.12.2022


  1. The Principal Secretary, GTA
  2. The District Magistrate (All Districts)

Sub: Guidelines for observation of Students’ Week from 02.01.2023 to 07.01.2023

Madam/ Sir,

You are aware that the competent authority has decided to observe the Students’ Week throughout the State from 02.01.2023 to 07.01.2023. The guideline of activities and programmes to be followed week long, by the Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutions, Universities and District HQ is attached herewith for your ready reference.

You are requested to kindly take all necessary initiatives so that the weeklong programmes may be observed with due prominence at all the levels.

Encl: Guidelines on Students’ week 2023

Yours faithfully,

Principal Secretary to the Government of West Bengal
School Education Department & Higher Education Department

Guideline for observance of Students’ Week from 2nd to 7th January 2023

Students’ week would be observed in a befitting manner throughout the State from 02.01.2023 to 07.01.2023, as decided by the appropriate authority in School Education Department. The programme would be celebrated at every School, SSK, MSK, College/ Educational Institute and University level. Similarly, the programme shall also be held at District level. The week shall focus on awareness of the students regarding different beneficial schemes implemented by the State Government, facilitating and mobilizing beneficiaries of Student Credit Card scheme, Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means scholarship, Aikyashree, Pre and Post Metric Scholarship, distribution of Text Books & Subheccha Barta of HCM, initiation of different activities/ policies as approved by SED and other cultural activities as mentioned below.

1. Committee formation:

In order to celebrate the week long programme in a befitting manner, The District Magistrate shall lead the initiatives and engage each stake holders to ensure smooth and successful implementation of the week long programme. Additional District Magistrate (Education), all district and sub district level education officers will leave no stone unturned to ensure its success.

2. Tentative Schedule:

3. Programmes at:

A. School/ SSK/ MSK Level –

I. Elementary:

The Students week may be celebrated with the following activities:

II. Secondary & Higher Secondary:

The week long activities may focus on facilitating Students Credit Card camps, Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means Scholarship camps, distribution of Text Books, HCM’s Greetings to students and the following activities:

B. College and University Level:

Students’ week would be observed in all Govt. and Govt. Aided colleges/ Universities/ Educational Institutions including Technical/ Professional Institutions of the State, in line with the spirit of the programme specially focussing on the facilitation of Student Credit Card camps and other activities like:

C. District Level:

The programme at District level may plan activities mentioned below for the whole week. The activities taken up during the week may include as follows:

4. Fund Provision:

For conducting the programme at school level, the expenditure may be borne out of School Composite Grant Head of SSA fund. Concerned ADM (Education) SSM of each district may place requisition of fund to the State office, if so needed.

For College and University level celebration, expenditure to be born out of available funds at their end.

No. 238-SSE dated 27.12.2022, Source