Guidelines for Treatment of Burn cases due to Acid Attacks

Government of West Bengal
Directorate of Health Services
Administration Branch
Swasthya Bhavan, Sector V, Salt lake, Kolkata- 700091

No. CEO-100/15/A5305 Dated: 07.08.2015

1. The Deputy Director of Health Services (Admin)
2. The Chief Medical Officer of Health (All)


In view of the order passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India against the Writ Petition (Crl) No. 129 of 2006 – laxmi vs Union of India read with HF/O/MERT/347/W-42/2013 dated 1st April 2013, it is decided that all the clinical establishments under your jurisdiction be directed to adhere the following guidelines during treatment of burn cases arising out of exposure to acids (acid attacks).

  1. All such cases are provided adequate and timely care so as to stabilize them before further treatment.
  2. In such cases where admissions are necessary for further management, the same must be done immediately. Ail in patients treatment and management must be made free of cost.
  3. First-aid must be administered to the victim and after stabilization, the victim/ patient could be shifted to a specialized facility for further treatment, wherever required.
  4. No hospital/ clinic should refuse treatment citing lack of specialized facilities.
  5. No hospital/ clinic should refuse treatment of such cases and that full treatment should be provided to such victims including medicines, food, bedding and reconstructive surgeries.

Action may be taken against hospital/ clinic for refusal to treat victims of acid attacks in contravention of the provisions of Section 357 C of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973.

All concerned are informed.

Sd/- B. Satpathy
Director of Health Services
West Bengal

No. CEO-100/15/A5305 dated 07.08.2015

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