Introduction of Online Payment Out of PL, LF, PF Accounts

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 8060-F(Y) Dated, 26th November, 2015


E-Pradan (e-Payment) module of IFMS was introduced vide Memorandum No. 1179-F(Y) dated 25.02.2015 & 3044-F(Y) dated 13.04.2015. The module has already been successfully rolled out in all Treasuries/ PAOs of the State Government for drawal of fund by submission of bills through the system.

2. Now, online Application is ready for operators of Local Fund, Personal Ledger, and Provident Fund Deposit accounts. Under this application issuance of PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit account cheques will be discontinued and payment will be made online by direct credit to the bank account of the payees/beneficiaries. Therefore, the State Government has decided to introduce the online Application for payment out of PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit accounts in order to bring uniformity in the payment system under IFMS. However, PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit account cheques will continue for some exempted categories, such as payment in case of Electricity, Telephone, Income Taxes and other Taxes, statutory payment, payment to other Govts., payment to post office, payment as per order of the court.

3. Under the existing system, PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit account cheques are submitted by the Operators to the Treasury/ PAO for Pay Order. After the cheques are enfaced with pay order of the Treasury Officer /PAO, payment Advice is sent by the Treasury/PAO to the concerned link Bank. The enfaced cheques are delivered to the concerned Operators for payment to beneficiary or Operator as the case may be. The link-bank verify the cheques with reference to the treasury advice before making payment.

4. Under ECS mode of the new system the PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit account operators shall submit the following to the Treasury/PAO-

i. Online advice by using Digital Signature Certificates (DSC);

ii. duly signed physical copy of the e-Advice; and

iii. beneficiary list.

Payment will be made by credit to the bank account of the beneficiary/ payee as per payment mandate issued on RBI by the Treasury/ PAO through e-CTS.

5. On successful payment, balance of PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit account will get reduced in the system. In case of payment failure the fund will revert to the PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit account, as the case may be. However the Operator may initiate action for making payment afresh in case of failed transactions.

7. In case of exempted categories of payments the operators shall submit the following-

i. Online advice by using Digital Signature Certificates (DSC)

ii. Duly signed physical copy of the e-Advice; and,

iii. Duly signed Cheques/ Challan, as required.

In these cases, payment will made following the “Cheque Mode” in the online application.

8. In case of transfer of fund from one Operator’s account to another Operator’s account under the same treasury or from Operator’s account to any receipt Head of Account (By-Transfer receipt), no cheque is required to be issued by the Operator. Only the duly signed physical copy of electronic advice is to be submitted by the Operator along with duly signed Challans. The related fund will get transferred to the intended Operators account/ Receipt Head of Account as the case may be once approved by the Treasury /PAO. Acknowledgement will be delivered to the concerned Operator from Treasury/ PAO.

9. Each PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit account Operator has to procure Class-2 type DSC for the purpose, if not already done, and register the same in IFMS portal for online payment. DDO’s may use their DSC for operation of PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit account, if they are the operators of those accounts.

10. The Master Beneficiary list will have to be prepared by each of these operators of LF/PL/PFD account by using the related application available in the online application of PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit account under IFMS. However, the PL/PD/LF/PFD/other Deposit account operators may collect the beneficiary details in the form annexed herewith (Annexure-A).

11. However, where balance lying in LF/ Deposit account falls short of total fund required for payment of salaries directly to the bank account of the employees, the balance fund may be deposited beforehand in the LF/Deposit account concerned.

12. Necessary amendment of West Bengal Treasury Rules, 2005 will be made in due course.

13. District Magistrate/ SDO will organise a training session with the help of the concerned Treasury officer /PAO for all operators. In case of Kolkata, PAOs will arrange for the training session in consultation with DTA, WB. A Help Desk will be operational at Treasury /PAO for one month to extend assistance in submission of e-advice.

14. Detailed modalities and Format of the advice may be downloaded from IFMS portal (

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 8060-F dated 26.11.2015, Source