Rescheduled Date of Bill Submission through e-Pradan

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 3044-F(Y) Dated, 13th April, 2015


Submission of all bills other than those of exempted category through e-Pradan module of IFMS was made mandatory on and from 1.4.2015, vide FD memo. no. 1179-F(Y) dt. 25.2.2015 read with no. 4905-F(Y) dt. 17.9.2014. But on review of progress of the various stages of operational part of the module, it turned out that it may not be possible for all the DDO’s to submit all claim bills through the system with effect from 1.4.15. Requests have been received from some departments to allow some more time for electronic submission of bills through e-Pradan module. After examination of the pros and cons of the issue and its solution the State Government has decided to reschedule electronic submission of the following types of bills through the e-Pradan module of IFMS to the dates mentioned against each. However, bills other than those mentioned in following table have to be submitted in e-Pradan mode as envisaged in order no. 1179-F(Y) dt. 25.2.2015.

S. No.Category of billsRescheduled date of submission through e-Pradan
ISalary Bills of Government Employee1.5.2015
IIGrant-in-aid salary bills for Secondary Teachers generated through OSMS1.5.2015
IIIOther Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills-
i. Primary TeachersTo be fixed later
ii. Vocational Teachers/InstructorsTo be fixed later
iii. Municipalities/
iv. Municipal Corporation
To be fixed later
v. Zilla Parishad /
vi. Panchayat Samities
To be fixed later
vii. Gram PanchayatsTo be fixed later
IVPayment through Local Fund/ P.F. Account/ Deposit Account/ P.L. AccountTo be fixed later
VCash GR/ DoleTo be fixed later
VICharges for Disposal of unclaimed Dead BodiesTo be fixed later
VIIPension paid by Money Order to infirm pensionersTo be fixed later
VIIIPension & all types of recurring Payments paid through Post Offices/ Co­operative Bank/ Gramin Banks1.6.2015
IXAny Statutory/Mandatory payment to be made by cash or ChequeTo be fixed later
XSecret Service ExpenditureTo be fixed later

2. Since some of the problems which caused reschedule of the earlier programme of electronic submission of bills through e-Pradan module relate to non-performance of the following tasks at the DDO’s end, all the DDO’s are requested to complete the tasks mentioned below within the date mentioned against each task in order to ensure smooth submission of the bills electronically through e-Pradan module.

Sl. no.TaskTo be completed within
1.Modification of the incorrect data/ entry of new data related to IFSC codes & bank account nos., mobile no., etc. including its verification and approval in the beneficiary data related menu of e-Pradan both for employees and non­employees30.4.2015
2.Entry and verification of the database of civic police/volunteers30.4.2015
3Upload and verification of the beneficiary details (IFSC codes & bank account nos., mobile no., etc.) of the Grant-in-aid school employees in COSA compliant file format in OSMS software developed by S.E Deptt.30.4.2015

3. A Help Desk will operate at each Treasury/ PAO to help the DDO’s submit COSA/OSMS generated salary bills through e-Pradan Module. The Treasury help desks will function on all the working days between 5th May to 15th May 2015. The helpdesk will help each DDO submit 2 pay bills in the system.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 3044-F dated 13.04.2015, Source

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