Medical Board for Mentally Retarded Persons of West Bengal

Health & Family Welfare Department
‘Swasthya Bhawan’ GN – 29, Sector – V
Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091.

No. HF/O/PHP/36/6M-16/2001 Dated, Kolkata, the 15th January, 2004.


It has been felt necessary that a Medical Board for mentally retarded persons should be constituted in every District of the State to facilitate the assessment of mentally retarded persons quickly and effectively as it has been found that 6 (six) Zonal Medical Boards for mentally retarded persons working in the State have been found to be inadequate and difficulties are being faced by the people of different Districts to attend such Zonal Medical Boards.

2. At present there is a Medical Board for Physically disabled Persons in every district. The said Board consists of the following members:

i) Superintendent of the Hospital – Chairman
ii) One Orthopaedic Surgeon/ Surgeon (In his absence) – Member
iii) One E.N.T. Specialist – Member
iv) One Psychiatrist/ Physician (In his absence) – Member
v) One Ophthalmic Surgeon – Member

3. In Partial Modification of the G.O. No. H/GA/4339/W-11/891 dated 05.10.1989, the Governor is hereby pleased to order that the said Mental Board will function as the District Mental Board for mentally retarded persons by inclusion of a Clinical Psychologist in the said Board as a member of the Board as stated above, should continue to work in the Board as usual. A Clinical Psychologist should be coopted from Private Sectors/NGOs.

4. With the formation of District Mental Boards at the District Hospitals as Prescribed above, the Zonal Mental Boards attached to the following Medical Colleges, viz:

i) Bankura Sammilani Medical College & Hospital, Bankura
ii) Burdwan Medical College & Hospital, Burdwan
iii) North Bengal Medical College & Hospital, Darjeeling
iv) Kolkata Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata
v) R. G. Kar Medical College 86 Hospital, Kolkata
vi) N. R. S, Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata

Sl. No.Name of Medical College & HospitalDistrict
1.Bankura Sammilani Medical College & HospitalBankura only
2.Burdwan Medical College & HospitalBurdwan only
3.North Bengal Medical College & HospitalDarjeeling only

In Kolkata

Sl. No.Name of Medical College & HospitalNo. of Wards of Kolkata allocated to the HospitalTotal
1.R. G. Kar Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata1 to 3535
2.Medical College & Hospital36 to 71 except 55 and 59 Ward34
3.N. R. S. Medical College & Hospital72 to 106 Wards + Ward No. 5536
4.Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital107 to 141+ Ward No. 5936
Total 141

The formation of Zonal Boards will remain the same as was communicated under G. O. No. HF /O/PHP/622/6M-16/2001.

The District Boards of Mentally Retarded Patients excepting the Districts of Bankura, Burdwan and Darjeeling be constituted immediately. The mode of its functioning will be similar to the procedure prescribed for the Boards for Physically Handicapped Persons as communicated in the G. O. No. H/G/4339/W-11/891 dated 05.10.89 and subsequent orders. The District Mental Boards should meet once in a fortnight without fail.

The order will take with immediate effect.

Sd/- Asim Barman
Principal Secretary

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